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  1. Baker seracs 8/13/16

    I have not been there before. Call me 360.349.9025, leave message.
  2. rainier between 28th of june and 1st julx

    Check PM from cc888
  3. Seeking climbing partners in olympia

    Earthspirt, I am in Oly too.
  4. Olympia Area Partner

    Anybody in the Olympia area looking for a partner? Contact: marmot18@hotmail.com
  5. Ingalls South Ridge 8/17-18

    Sounds good. Contact me at marmot18@hotmail.com friday morning. We can chat about the plans.
  6. If you are planning to be around the Tieton canyon area this weekend let me know. Thanks
  7. fuel for my whisperlite

    can i use "vm and p naphtha" in my MSR Whisperlite Int'l? Bottle primer whole thing?
  8. Rainier - DC- Between Aug31-Sep2

    as of now the forecast looks best on Saturday-Sunday. Sat night winds at summit about 20 mph
  9. Rainier - DC- Between Aug31-Sep2

    29th it is. It didn't work out with the other dudes for this weekend, so let me know soon if you are still down for the 29th.
  10. Rainier - DC- Between Aug31-Sep2

    It looks like plans are coming together for this weekend, but you can always contact me Monday to get an update. Good Luck
  11. Rainier - DC - contact soon. Please send PM Looking at weather, go for summit either Friday or Saturday night Please respond if you have basic glacier experience and most of the gear needed. I have some extras to lend. Expect a moderate to sort-a-fast pace, not super fast wheels of fire though. Open to going all in one day or setting up a camp.
  12. Intermediate climbs North Cascades June/July

    check your PM
  13. Rainier - car to car, one day, DC

    I sent you a personal message.
  14. Baker, North Ridge

    I think others have posted that route over the past few days. I was refering to the Roman Wall as a way down. I will be going up the north side, which is steeper and would be better if you have at least some knowledge of placing protection and maybe using a pick of sorts in each hand due to this steepness. You should also be used to belay techs and have practiced front point tech w your crampons. I'd say it may be better to start on something else. If I have misunderstood you, sorry, please correct me. The Coleman is fun too, some really cool views on a good day. There are plenty of courses to choose from, club and AMGA, so if you want help finding a good match let me know. Thank you
  15. Baker, North Ridge

    Ok, hit me up if you know anyone who'd like to climb this classic route. I'd like to head down the Roman Wall. I can do it any day of the week so long as I have a little notice. Don't be shy, come on, you know you want to do it, just contact me..... marmot18@hotmail.com