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  1. That is pretty gnarly. Anything worth checking out tomorrow?
  2. Thanks folks! I opted to stay at home. All my buddies back where I came from are swinging tools left and right and its making me want to get out!
  3. So, I've been hoping to tick this one off since I moved out here. Looks like conditions avalanche wise are going to be moderate on Monday trending down, however with all the snow the pass got during the last storm I suspect this will be a wallow fest. Is it wise to attempt this climb on Monday or should I sallow that big nasty patience pill? I just really want to swing my tools.... Thanks!
  4. So I work Wednesday-Saturday and there are a whole bunch of beautiful routes I would love to jump on this winter, but I need a partner! Please PM me if interested. Thanks! Ian
  5. I will always be looking to get on some ice! Fun thing is though I have Sunday through Tuesday off, so that might through a wrench in some things.
  6. I have a quick question about fit. If I have a pair of La Sportiva Nepal Evo's that fit great, what are the chances of the Spectre Ski boot fitting me? The snow is starting to fall and this will be my first actual AT setup and I am wondering if anyone has any input. Thanks.
  7. We are talking old Chouinard X tools!
  8. I am hoping to jump on Ob Rock next weekend (Weather doesn't look great this weekend...). Granted I have not seen any trip reports on the condition of the route, but what the hell its a nice day trip. Hoping for good weather, but it looks like a pretty easy ice climb. I've got screws, pickets and an extra set of tools (really really old tools, but they work). Please let me know if you are interested! Ian
  9. It's lame. I know. BUT Who would want to go swing picks into some glacier ice? My tools were starting to rust when I was playing around with them the other day and that made me sad. I need to smack at some ice! Anyone else feel the same? Hit me up with a PM I'd love to go this weekend.
  10. Thanks everyone! Ben, I fucking hate running too. I have been biking up hills like mad, but I feel like it hasn't hit all the muscles I need! Anyways, thanks alot.
  11. Astrov: Currently I am trying to climb as much as possible. During the week I do ride my bike to work as much as possible and play on the hills, but not as often as I'd like due to my location. (Not a big fan of riding up big hills on busy streets). I totally get the not dickin' around thing, in fact that was one of the first things I started working on. I actually read an article on here that said (super paraphrased) get your systems in line, break only when its natural (in terms of a transition from snow to rock or the other way around) belays and just basically when you are forced by the situation to rest. So I have been putting some serious thought/work into my systems and organization. I really just think I need to develop the muscles and aerobic capacities to move faster (within my aerobic range). One of my first big climbs one of my partners bonked out at 11000 feet because he was moving way to fast and carrying too much weight. I have a pace that I am good with and can ride that pace for hours, but it is slower than I would like it to be. Thanks dudes!
  12. I would like to consider myself a fairly fit individual, but for having just moved out here a few months ago I am still very much a flat lander. I work a 9-5 job so getting out on the weekdays is difficult. I climb with a guy who has been mountaineering for about 10 years and he is just ridiculously fast (at least to me) and trying to keep up with him would probably make me bonk out at the summit.... I've got a good pace that I can move at and consistently be ready to deal with a bad situation, but I would like to improve the speedy of that pace so I can keep up and tackle some bigger mountains in alpine style. Does anyone have any tips?
  13. I am hoping that I can hit this route this weekend. Does anyone know if it is in/would want to climb it? I.e. Looking for a partner or some beta, haven't seen any trip reports and given the crap snow year I figured I'd ask first. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Mtguide! I intend to practice my navigation skills as much as possible before attempting this. I have actually signed up for a navigation class (can't wait) and read several books, but I can be book taught all I want but it won't matter if I have no experience. I have several fall back plans as my friend is coming in from New Orleans and of course the weather can be fickle. I don't want to take any chances! I appreciate the advice.
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