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  1. Great info indeed. I'm going to get one of those cacoon pillows.
  2. I second a DAS jacket and can't really speak to many others. What I can say is you can find really good deal buying one used. New is always nice but you can get a better jacket in your price range buying used. you can find them a lot on CC or mountain project. Just a thought.
  3. This thread started out all warm and cozy then slid down in to some pissing match. Thank you You can only have so much of that cozy shit.
  4. I'm not picking sides here, but how much are you willing to pay. That might help future people offering up there biners.
  5. Great stuff. I work with a lot of veteran and will pass this video on.
  6. You should be polite to everyone except the guy that stole your shit. If you find him Ill help you kill him and dump the body.
  7. How many people have bought these booties.
  8. Some of you may be on the same mailing list I am and got the Catalog of bear Grylls new line of clothing. It's pretty funny. Every photo is of him looking like a over the top jack ass.
  9. Thanks for the info These look great for alpine small racks. The range you get out of the four is pretty amazing. I'll more than Likely end up getting all four.
  10. From what I see online there are 4 sizes. .5, .75, 1, 2
  11. I want to get a couple of these to add to my rack and for alpine climbing. If I was to get two of these what two sizes would be best? Just wondering what you guys like. Thanks Chris .
  12. Bkboooo what cell phone service do you use. I have AT&T and it seems to get shitty service in the mountains. My buddy has nextel through is work and he always gets service. My evil contracts up soon I may switch.
  13. Shit. It took forever to load I my iPad. But it was worth the wait. Great photos
  14. Who needs pen and paper when you have a hammer and chisel. They can't take that shit.
  15. To answer your question I've effed up a lot of shit. Marriage, car, neck, rest of my body. If your really stressing over it go to the doc and have it checked out. Don't let it ruin your trip by having a strained neck the whole time.
  16. They should have taken the kids and left those two dumb asses there to figure that shit out on there own.
  17. I was out there a couple of months ago around 4pm and saw some guy nailing a prostitute when I looked over the edge. I can only wonder what happens there at night. Hope this kid pulls threw this and makes a full recovery.
  18. http://www.kptv.com/story/15273023/teen-climber-falls-at-rocky-butte
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