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  1. Me personally. I would say it doesnt warrant but will probably come under fire. The very top section is the only place they would be needed and rocks could only fall 10 or 20 feet. Your in a rock hazard area for maybe 10 minutes when your up there.
  2. +1 Also great info buckaroo haven't been on that mountain yet. I often find myself forgetting about the big picture and focusing on the small issues. This is a sad reality check for all of us.
  3. Wow. What a terrible week in the PNW for climbing. My thoughts go out to the injured and the family and friends of those who have pasted. Let's analyze these accidents and learn from them. Especially the more inexperience climbers like myself.
  4. I would like to throw the word "novice" out there one more time.
  5. I would like to throw the word "novice" out there one more time.
  6. Anyone seen the summit? Ice axe and crampons needed? Maybe flotation on the way in or is the path pretty beat down into green lakes. Thanks for any info I can get.
  7. guilty until proven innocent! That's how CC rolls.
  8. So how does that make it ok to plug you eBay listing?
  9. I think staying physical fit is the best way to prevent injury. Most of my minor injures are do to me being tired and having bad form. I also always use trekking poles. On the decent they take a lot of work off my knees and allow me to stay much more stable.
  10. Dude if you don't like that I'd stay away from Walmart. Parenting is old school my genaration is just letting the schools and government raise our kids. They do such a good job with the postal service why not raise our children.
  11. I've done the tarp thing and the put all your layers on thing. They work good for an overnighter that's dry. If you can afford one I would just buy a decent bivy sack though. I think it's the best of both worlds. It's light weight and will keep you dry and more comfortable than the other options.
  12. Wish I could stand eating those things. They would make meals easier for me.
  13. MORE Spray paint. Maybe some browns or greys. Watch some Bob Ross for a little inspiration.
  14. I think someone in the marketing department at black diamond took a mens harness wrote women's on it so they could sell more harness. Then everyone else followed. I think their coming out with all women's c4 cams next year.
  15. This thread isn't as cool as it once was.
  16. Uneducated thought, but why don't they just remove the three pieces? I'm basing this only off the photo. Is this the city just taking along time or is this a bigger problem than I'm seeing?
  17. Yeah, when was this. Nice pics.
  18. Wow. I don't think I would ever want to be part of something like that. I've been on hoods south side with around a 100 people and it was terrible.
  19. I almost had this experience at Disney Land. God, that place is awful.
  20. 3 climbers die on Mount Everest, 2 still missing http://usat.ly/JvZnmq Saw this Reading USA today and thought some would like to know. Hope the two missing make it back to camp ok?
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