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  1. So true. How can you not follow that photo.
  2. I can't help but feel that there's a group of you that are ban wagon bitchers. I've watched this in thread after thread. One guy post something then someone finds a way that it goes against there so called climbing code. Then BOOM! Open the flood gates to the bitch fest. Your threads are like my people magazine, I just get hooked.
  3. All the politics aside it looks pretty fun! If it had a good anchor setup I think I would giver a go.
  4. http://www.kptv.com/story/16947105/climber-died-of-head-trauma Not much detail.
  5. I just read that his passing was due to a head injury. Does anyone know if he was wearing a helmet? This is very sad and my thoughts go out to friends and family.
  6. Can you make cracks out of real rock? I always see those decretive stones in fountains that look like they were once part of a big dihedral formation. Ive seen some that are twenty feet high. If you cut them flat and stacked them couldn't you get a pretty good crack. You would have to be selective about matching them up. This makes sense in my head but might not on paper. Any thoughts.
  7. I'm not a fan of that website much either. Has the fee always been 15$ a person with a 9$ website fee. I thought it was cheaper last I check.
  8. Water . I've watch that PBS show on him and that cabin several time. That would be a dream cabin for me. Looks like an amazing place.
  9. I live in Portland and I'm looking to get a piece of land for a small one room climbers cabin. What I'm trying to figure out is location. Ive seen much of Oregon and southern Washington but I want a location that gives me a wide range of climbing at my door step. I thought I would throw it out there and see what your thoughts are on location. Or maybe tell me your dream location for a cabin any where. Thanks Chris
  10. Julian I was thinking the same thing. So where was the honeymoon?
  11. Nice find. Went down for the first time this last summer.
  12. Wow I read this whole thread, and at the end all I have is confusion. Still worth reading though.
  13. I could be interested in some of the things listed. Is there a way you could take a pic of all the stuff. Just one picture would help.
  14. That sucks! Hope you have renters insurance. I'll keep an eye out.
  15. Nate. Well stated. Might of went a little over the top.
  16. Wow I'd thought I'd catch more hell than that. You guys must be tired. I'm a little more black and white than most I'll work on finding some gray.
  17. I have to disagree. I work with veterans and a lot have PTSD. I have the up most respect for them and what they went through. But don't let the fact that he is a vet and has PTSD blind you from what he has done. The man didn't snap and beat the hell out of someone. He had time to cool down and still decided to take the life of a women. This is what's wrong with America were all so touchy feely and don't want to draw a line in the sand. He wasn't drafted into the military and should be held accountable for his actions. He's a man and he knows what's right and what's wrong. If he hurt himself then through the PTSD in front of it. He instead took the life of someone else and there's no excuse for that. Then to blame the government and count it has two more lives lost in the war is crazy. This isn't the first person to have problem with depression. I can't wait tell someone blames guns as the problem for this.
  18. I agree I think they should shoot him like a human who took the life of a mother of two. This could be a knee jerk reaction though. It does suck the huge toll one man can make for so many. From loss of life to wasted tax dollars. Does our current system work when dealing with these people or does it allow the wound to keep bleeding?
  19. This is so upsetting. I just don't understand certain things and why people do what they do. My thoughts go out to family, friends, and fellow rangers. Cold finger sounds like your a ranger. Stay safe out there man. I would have thought being a ranger would be the safest enforcement job out there. But with crazy fucks like this guy you can never be to safe. To those on the hunt for this guy stay safe and steady your shot. Terrible way to start the year. Very sad.
  20. It's glacier point in yosemite. Monday morning slab.
  21. Hey dougd Some nice pics and looks like a nice year. Can you tell me what peak that is in the fourth photo from the bottom?
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