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  1. i have a lightly used osprey atmos 65 backpack. msrp is $240. asking $100 as it's a bit too small for my wife. http://www.rei.com/product/828429/osprey-atmos-65-pack pack has no damage or wear. size is S
  2. this upcoming summer, i hope to sharpen my alpine rock skills and am looking for someone or a group of someones to let me tag along. i have the basics down, but just need to practice so that someday, soon, i can lead some low-to-mid 5th routes. looking to climb 5.0-5.8 alpine routes. in the past 3 years (which included a major hip fracture), i've summitted ~200+ peaks in WA, some technical, but most just scrambles. i have all-day endurance and speed and have respected climbing partners to vouch for my abilities. i normally post on nwhikers, so here's a link to my individual TRs: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/search.php?search_id=TR&search_author=iron i have 98% of the necessary gear (probably missing some pro), can drive, and should have all weekends available.
  3. bought this recently for my honeymoon. bag is great, just more than i need. selling for $220 OBO. a few scuff marks, but no tears or any structural damage.
  4. Similar story to my skis: used only 3-4 times. Now selling. Size is 38.5. Similar to the ones posted at REI REI for $250 (but mine are a slightly different model, though not sure how). Asking $150 or something reasonable.
  5. I purchased these Rossignol Scratch Sprayer Fs Twin Tip Skis in 2007 at Sturtevants, but never really got around to learning to downhill. I used them 3 times on green and blue runs at local resorts. The bases are as good as new and the edges are too. They come with Marker 1200 Titanium Piston bindings. I think the original, on sale, purchase price was around $800. I'm asking $450 or something reasonable. I also have boots for sale, but will post in a separate thread. Mike
  6. john, you have balls of steel to drop into that couloir. hopefully my pictures will add some perspective.
  7. guys. i put up a TR on nwhikers. in there, you'll find a photo or two of you climbing: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7981553
  8. guys. i put up a TR on nwhikers. in there, you'll find a photo or two of you climbing: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7981553
  9. wow. when we saw you guys climbing that face, i could hardly believe it. i need to upload some pictures i took, but here are some from my girlfriend: http://picasaweb.google.com/carriejohnson19/HeadedForSnowfield22010
  10. nice work guys. when i was awoken in the tent around 7:30a that morning by the sounds of "OFF BELAY," i thought, huh? is someone climbing out there? unzipped the tent, peered over, and there you were. i could hardly believe what i was looking at. strong work on what appeared to be a daunting and imposing face. i'm glad our prints helped you out. i'll say this... it was tough trodding through that snow. i don't often tire, but i certainly was on this trip. we ended up bailing on our attempt for snowfield because of the traverse beneath the gully. next time!
  11. not sure if this is the right forum to place this in, but i wanted to see if anyone was up for climbing on thursday, march 19, 2009 around 7:00p. i climb 5.8-5.11 typically, but am flexible to do other routes. mike
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