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  1. Working in the Clinic..come see me!

    I'll have one special please. Free gift tote bag with every exam.
  2. [TR] Wal-Mart - Energy Saving Lights

    Mike's for sale?
  3. End of paper Topographic maps in Canada???

    Previous discussion.
  4. [TR] Wal-Mart - Energy Saving Lights

    How much energy is wasted in Spray? cc.com: The Wal-Mart of Climbing
  5. Raindawg

    a taller RuntMR?
  6. Raindawg

    Or G-spotter = Catbirdseat Master of the obvious.
  7. Busy downtown Seattle Oct 5

    As marchers headed toward the Federal Building downtown, one person was arrested for investigation of unlawful possession of a firearm after being seen with a rifle wrapped in a blanket. Ghandi would approve?
  8. Busy downtown Seattle Oct 5

    Thanks to the mass demonstration yesterday, today we wake up to a brand new world full of love, peace, and warm puppies. Thank you for showing the ignorant masses the way.
  9. Busy downtown Seattle Oct 5

    Bush sux. See? I'm saving the world one post at a time.
  10. Busy downtown Seattle Oct 5

    - Don't spray in the Newbies Forum - Turn your noses up at commuters whos vehicles use 5% more gas than yours. - Put advertising logos on your climbing helmet. - Mountie bashing!
  11. Jap Gardens P1 Short Anchors

    And what about the short anchors on Narrow Arrow Overhang? The crack bolting by the sportos at Index is a bit excessive as well.
  12. Busy downtown Seattle Oct 5

    And there are plenty of other crises around the world that *you* are currently ignoring, including the dying homeless on the streets of Seattle. Continue to stroke yourself in smug, self-righteous satisfaction.
  13. Busy downtown Seattle Oct 5

    Let's do the math. Ten's of thousands of people = Say 20,000 From over 190 cities and towns = Say 200 20,000 / 200 = 100 people per city. I think it will be pretty easy to ignore 100 folks 'pouring' out of their homes, jobs, and schools in Seattle.
  14. Bill Clinton Has a Few things to Say

    I am so much smarter than those with whom I disagree.
  15. is anyone else getting really turned on

    Hell, I first bought Icebreaker at REI.
  16. It's a good day to be a Democrat.

    And, what, lose *another* presidential election? Really, the Repubs will be hard pressed to find a bigger idiot to win in '08.
  17. What should we name our daughter?

    Renault LeCar
  18. laptop advice

    Apple and U2 belong together.
  19. laptop advice

    Go to Circuit City, play with the laptops, play with the 17 yr old salesboys and take one home.
  20. nude ski calandar - now w/NSFW links!!!

    Each calendar has both male and female photos and can be flipped over depending on preference.
  21. Reel Rock Film Festival

    And remember to UNCAGE the SOUL!
  22. VW Purchases Cascade Crags

    VW Seattle recently replaced the gravel with foam in the bouldering area, so probably not.
  23. Conspiratorial Super-Sleuths

    It's Bush's fault!
  24. does a nw 5.10 equal 5.8 in the valley?

    Like that's going to happen around here.
  25. VW Purchases Cascade Crags

    Watched a girl go splat while being lowered last night at VW. Her partner couldn't really come up with a good excuse.