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  1. advise on AT skis

    Why not?
  2. What's the purpose of the random-word spams?

  3. Jap Gardens P1 Short Anchors

    And 'Jap' is *still* a racial slur. You guys suck.
  4. FS: Dynafits

    What model and how much?
  5. you don't give a fuck

    Hey, I have a "Free Tibet" bumpersticker on my SUV. Obviously, I care more than you stupid sprayers.
  6. you don't give a fuck

    Hey, let's get the American army to invade and install a democratic government! I'm sure it will work as well in Tibet as it did in Iraq and Afganistan.
  7. you don't give a fuck

    You are a tool. Sounds like you were raised in an environment where you were told what to think and how to feel. Now at your age, you are taking over as moral authority through bullying. Sorry. Try again.
  8. Photo Caption?

    Wilderness my ass.
  9. Best names for bands!!!

    You suck, you rotten piece of shit.
  10. Sex Predator Revealed on SuperTaco!

    Is this a thread about Fred Beckey?
  11. signs our social services suck

  12. Racist Speech Illegal in England?

    We demand photographic proof. Or pornographic proof. Either works.
  13. South Park Episode Rips on "9/11 Truth" Tards

    "There's four of us. You're a retard. That's one-fourth."
  14. Lambone is back

    Although the approach to Glacier Peak is longer these days, the helicopter ride home is still the same.
  15. signs our social services suck

    Of course. If a politician says it, it must be true.
  16. [TR] Tumwater Buttress- Groundhog Day 8/6/2005

    This has got to be the lamest thread on rc.com.
  17. What's on your harness?

  18. James Nakagami

    Did ya try Google? http://www.cv.riverview.wednet.edu/staff.htm
  19. Busy downtown Seattle Oct 5

    CONTRADICTION ALERT! Different tools for different fools.
  20. Kendall Mint Cake- Where?

    REI, of course. This is the place to find all of your essential climbing needs.
  21. Rainier concessions

    The Mounties!
  22. Squamish Mega-Group Last Saturday

    Mobs in climbing areas suck. (Unless, of course, they are our mob.)
  23. I give up

    The Democrats should try the same for their next convention.