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  1. What an amazing weekend with all of you! It went by way too fast, though. Whose b-day celebration is next??
  2. Awesome TR Dan!! That looks like an amazing ski I hope you're feeling better!
  3. Beautiful photos!! Josh Hummel and I skiied the Zipper yesterday (2-22-09)and snow conditions were by far inferior to the glorious powder you had last weekend. It was still a great steep ski, though!
  4. Just when I thought this thread was going to lead to inevitable disappointment, Dan steps in and saves the day
  5. Hey Mike, What an incredible account of human endurance and skill. My heart broke while reading this. Thank you so much for sharing this.
  6. This is excellent advice! I am hoping to climb Denali with the Hummels next year. The skis will most certainly be mandatory.
  7. Nice work!! I am sure Sky will be jealous of this fine assault.
  8. Hey Mike, Good luck to you in DC! I know we tried to meet up before you left, but you'll be back. Happy holidays good buddy
  9. WOW!! Ice Bender indeed! Congrats on your awesome finish.
  10. Stay away from Hummel Boot camp. It's been over three years and I still haven't graduated. Check out Jason's website for boot camp progress: www.cascadecrusades.org
  11. Hey Jason! So glad you're morning shots turned out. Beautiful, as always. what an incredible weekend up there! I can't wait to go back.
  12. Yay! I'll be there, too. It will be great to see you all. Click Here for Pirate Flag (not full size, however)
  13. Thank you SOOO much for this thoughtful reminder! Families and friends reading this thread, looking for more information, are most certainly sensitive and emotionally charged. Sending good vibes to friends and family.
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