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  1. Anyone live in Fremont/Ballard (area around Ballard Grill/Fred Meyer)? Any idea what the hell that helicopter-like sound is that has been going on all day? Mystery...
  2. stokeolicious

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Trip: Capitol Hill - West Face - Denny Couloir Date: 12/21/2008 Trip Report: This couloir rarely comes into condition, so we ignored the newscasters' instructions to "hunker down" and jumped at the chance to ski it. The approach was pretty mellow - we made a traverse across 14th where we would drop in to the couloir. On the traverse: The top part of the couloir is low angle and good, fun cruising: Red light - approaching the goods: Waiting for my turn to drop in: Shredding the goods: My partner kept choking on the deep, dry, fluffy pow and was glad she brought her Avalung: The couloir has kind of a sketchy runout (traffic on Stewart), so we stopped just short of the end: Putting the skins on for the climb back up: Climbing back up: Skis > Cadillac: My posse's on Broadway: We took the direct route through Cal Anderson to get back home, encountering some strange mountain adventurers: Gear Notes: Skis, skins, poles. Approach Notes: Good skinning, the track is well established. Watch out for cars, drunken sledders, and melted out manhole covers.
  4. Book Cover Photo Contest

    Proper nutrition:
  5. Cam Doubles

    Yellow Alien (or yellow Metolius or Yellow C3), Red Alien (or purple C4 .5), and green C4 .75
  6. Partner - Tuesday 9/30

    I have the day off and would like to go cragging - Exit 38, Index, etc. Looking for someone in Seattle so we can drive together. If you send a PM, please reply here letting me know.
  7. Index Saturday 8/23

    Hey Tim, PM sent
  8. Looking to spend the afternoon cragging on Saturday. Experienced, safe, dont mind leading, etc. as long as you are a safe belayer. Would plan on leaving town late Saturday morning and getting back at a reasonable hour later Saturday evening. If you send me a PM, please give me a heads-up that you've done so here on this thread.
  9. Dean Potter Solos Nordwand?

    Enough with the Dean Potter hating. He is not a bad guy. And as far as his climbing goes, he has and continues to push it and redefine what is possible. He inspires - that is what climbing is really all about. And going out on a limb - so what about his DA solo? He climbed a rock. Yes, yes - I know he should have been more aware of the consequences, but the rules and regulations are the problem. Kinda backwards that there are roads all the way to the base of Delicate Arch and big paved parking lots, a trail carved into the rock to get people there, but its not OK if Dean climbs it without leaving a trace? Arches seems to be set up only for people driving through and taking pictures - its almost as if the NPS would prefer that you not get out of your car. Yes, when I climb in Arches I follow the rules and regulations and try to be on my best behavior. But I still think the rules and regulations are a bit extreme.
  10. Anyone climb Tatoosh lately?

    Word - you nailed it. The bolt is warranted and a welcome addition IMHO. Thanks Backcountrydog for the work.
  11. Anyone climb Tatoosh lately?

    Yeah, but I dont consider it a problem. I like it there.
  12. Thanks for the TRs - your writing is excellent and the pics are beautiful.
  13. climbing near mesquite nv?

    Lime Kiln Canyon http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/North_America/United_States/Utah/St__George/Lime_Kiln_Canyon/
  14. Please do not clip your Nalgene bottle to your harness using the the little plastic lid retainer. The lid retainer is meant to keep you from losing the lid - it is not meant to support the weight of a full water bottle. You will eventually lose your water bottle, which could cause you to become thirsty...and the water bottle might kill someone as it rockets down the cliff. Really not trying to sound like a jerk - its a simple mistake that a lot of people just might not think about, but it is a simple mistake that could kill or seriously injure someone.
  15. Putty Nuts