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  1. Thanks for all the ideas. We ended up doing Gib Ledges and a trip to Vancouver Island. We had always wanted to do a winter ascent of Rainier but didn't think the weather would cooperate when we had time available. Turns out everything lined up and we went for it. A fun, direct route. After that, we headed up to Strathcona on Vancouver Island. My friend has dreamed about sailing around the island for several years but hadn't actually seen it. We read about some alpine routes up there and thought an international climb was in order. We were shortchanged of ice so no major objectives scaled but we had a fun scramble up some no-one peak near Gold River. Lots and lots of mountains up there and the alpine starts pretty low - around 3500 feet in places. It feels a lot like SE Alaska. Definitely a place to return to.
  2. Jeff - great report and well done on the climb. Especially shooting the ledges in the dark. My buddy Judah and I were the other climbers you met at Muir. We appreciate your steps up the exit chute. We actually came down Gib Ledges though it wasn't fun - the snow was really sloppy and soft in the afternoon sun. It was slow going until the Cowlitz but a nice direct route regardless.
  3. We are looking for routes in the realm of 4th class, low fifth class. We are Seattle-based so we want to get away from the usual Cascade haunts like the Enchantments. Banff is an option though I think we'd rather be on the move rather than doing 5-6 days of straight ice climbing. Any particularly noteworthy traverses in Banff or Yosemite that would be a good 4 or 5 day trip?
  4. My buddy and I find ourselves with 13 days off starting next week and a roadtrip/climbing trip to be had. Where would you go and why? We are open to anywhere in the west and have winter camping and extensive mountaineering experience. We may hit up Hood (Yocum?), Shasta, and then maybe 5-6 days in Yellowstone. But where would you go? Sierras? Banff? What route and why? We'd love some suggestions of high routes, link-ups, etc and we have some time and energy to get after it. We have skis, snowshoes, and whatever else it may take to get some summits in. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Anything within driving range (meaning western US & Canada is considered in). Thanks!
  5. No, but I've heard you can get about a mile and a half from the Hidden Lake lookout trailhead. I was thinking I'd approach from there.
  6. I'm looking for a partner or two to join me for a climb of the Triad (between Hidden Lake lookout and Eldorado) later this week. While I'm guessing it could be done in a day, I'm thinking it would be more fun to do a 2 day climb. Approach Wednesday and summit Thursday. Likely on snowshoes, but I could do skis too (I'm just getting into backcountry skiing, so I'd need to be convinced an average skier could do this trip). I'm also available for future mid-week multi-day climbs/scrambles/backcountry ski trips.
  7. Interested in a climb/ski of Corteo or Black Peak tomorrow? I'm in good shape (headed to Denali in 2 weeks) and looking for a steady pace. Not a strong skier, but very experienced on snow, steep slopes, etc.
  8. Interested in a climb/ski of Corteo or Black Peak tomorrow? I'm in good shape (headed to Denali in 2 weeks) and looking for a steady pace. Not a strong skier, but very experienced on snow, steep slopes, etc.
  9. I have a size small women's pair of Outdoor research alti mitts and I'd like to trade them for a larger size. They are like new. Gore text outer and removable liner. Will consider sale, but would prefer to trade for a larger size - men's medium preferable, of any similar expedition weight mitt (any brand).
  10. Yup - would love to hear from you. Send me a note at jifreeburg@yahoo.com or Two oh six -245-0059.
  11. Vagabond and Nostrand, I sent you private messages. Please check and contact me if interested.
  12. Still looking for partners. I've sent private messages to the folks who replied so far, but haven't heard anything back. Perhaps old fashioned cell phones are better? Text me at 206-245-0059 and let's set up a time to grab a beer and/or discuss via phone. Thanks, Jim
  13. Interested in a one day trip Saturday? Perhaps Observation Rock or another one day steep snow climb?
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