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  1. or what if they knew kung-fu or something?
  2. what if they were bigger than you?
  3. then don't buy from those corporations, silly. everyone knows it's the consumer who's in charge. funny tid-bit on the news yesterday: corporate interests talking about how the citizens weren't on board with some resource extraction scheme in india. corporate dude: "we need a tv in every household!".
  4. ? please explain the constitutional violations committed by a US government that allows for increased public access set-asides on public airwaves.
  5. "forget all the bs you're spewing"? why i've never been so offended in my life. now that i'm over it, i'll say that i don't know enough about the case to make an informed opinion; my soliloquies were more about the pavlovian response i saw in many of the posts. and quite honestly, i'm not interested enough in the case to dig up all the particulars about what happened 40 years ago. and to answer your previous ?, about what i would do if it had been my daughter: i cannot, as can no one, say what they would do in a hypothetical situation. we might like to THINK we know exactly what we'd do (witness bug's travels to france and kkk's purchase of fire-arms), but in reality, it's all speculation and potentially bluster. i'd like to think i'd, as a non-christian, say a prayer for patience and wisdom, and not turn myself into a murderer, for one thing.
  6. call tvash. he always seems to have a handle on it.
  7. actually, no. your irony detector is broken. and further, some of the most outraged here freely defend the daily rape of our children by "the market", all in the name of ummm a "free" market.
  8. btw, i'll add that i understand all the moral outrage regarding certain occurences. preying on children in the service of one's libido/maladjustments is indeed almost as reprehensible as carpet-bombing them. but remember that when we allow our moral outrage to be our guide, we lose our ability to evaluate, ie our humanness.
  9. lobotomies? i thought it was agreed upon that cheese graters and acid was the way to go.
  10. and we all know that if polanski is not extradited, then all hell breaks loose and every perv sees it as a green light. and we all know that in the days of the wild west when you'd take perps behind the barn and string 'em up by the balls, rape and incest and such was wayyyyyy less common. gimme a break.
  11. hmmmm, i fail to see the connection except in a most abstract tangetial way.
  12. ummm do you all give a shit about what the person MOST AFFECTED by this situation thinks, or is y'all's moral outrage the most significant aspect of this case? if that's the case, that's kinda shitty because it makes y'all seem just a wee bit selfish, dontcha think?
  13. It's kinda funny when the actual victim says "please let's drop this thing it's been a long time and i'm over it" and the law and order types continue to hound it and call for blood, but don't realize they are simply hurting the original victim, showing once again that what's most important for these law and order types is NOT the victim.
  14. Kimmo

    Climbing Sucks!

    ummm, congratulations?
  15. Kimmo

    Sailboat For Rent

    27' Catalina for rent as live-aboard over the winter. Self-contained with range, oven, cd player, shore power, bathroom for pissing, etc., and marina has showers, laundry, and bathrooms. Downtown Ballard, one block from Ballard Ave. $425 a month, and ~20 a month for electricity.
  16. interested in living on a sailboat? we just put our 27' catalina up for rent as a live-a-board for the winter. self-contained, marina has shower and laundry, and one block to ballard avenue in downtown ballard. $425 per month and ~20 a month for electricity. we'd like a 6 month lease, but this is perhaps negotiable.
  17. sure, why not. tell him what to do. i think his technique will get better as he climbs and gets stronger. and he's already climbing 11b. and he might start getting on some harder climbs with someone better than him who can help him with beta and technique.
  18. what's the generic metolius workout? if it's the 20 minute workout with x pullups every minute on various holds, it seems like a pretty good one. he's a v double digits 5.13 climber, and it kicks his ass. do that thing twice a day three days a week (monday wednesday friday) for the next three months and you'll make your goal.
  19. i dunno.... it's technically no more a "tax increase" as is the forced purchase of auto insurance (a republican-led effort). and my statement above is an indication neither of support or condemnation of said policy.
  20. Kimmo

    Single Malt Scotch

    thanks kkk on the glenlivet 15 french oak recommendation:
  21. Kimmo

    Single Malt Scotch

    specifically, the glenlivet 15. and thanks jon and offwhite, i'll try your recommendations too. kidna fun this scotch tasting thing.
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