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  1. ok. my only point with the above was that there is a type of immigration that leads to fiscal crises for certain agencies. because a "hate group" notes this doesn't mean it's an irrelevant point, and doesn't make a conservative into a racist for speaking about it. are you in favor of unlimited immigration? it's overstating the problem, for one's own agenda, to say immigration has led to state bankruptcies; evaluate cali's problem for example. but to also say immigration DOESN'T lead to solvency problems for many communities is understating the problem in support of one's agenda. a highly recommended book: When the Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down; on Hmong immigration into the US. i think you might be overlooking a cultural belief in "hard work" as a possible underpinning to this agenda. i have "conservative" republican (OMG!) relatives and friends, and i don't think they are simply the puppets of a PR scheme perpetrated by the robber barons. their position is hardly "racist" in intent, but of course it plays out in a way that can easily be called that. not familiar with contemporary examples. hmmm i don't think this is exclusively a "conservative" agenda. democrats simply do a better PR campaign, and don't flaunt their empery! i also think the "racist" charge misses the point a little bit. shit, bush chums with arabs, blacks, africans, etc and counts them as personal friends. he's got more "minority" friends than any fucker on this little fringe message board.
  2. Little Si with sport climbs up to 5.14; excellent bouldering 45 minutes away at Gold Bar; 2 hours to Leavenworth, world class; 1.5 hours to climbing at another top shelf sporto crag, index 1 hour.... damn, not too bad in my book. oh and UW Practice Rock to boot.
  3. they might have been denounced as a hate group, but did the SPLC denounce this hate group's methodology or findings? claiming that neither "illegal" nor LEGAL immigration does not create strain on social services is patently false (from everything i've read). smaller communities with already limited funding have experienced terrific budget strains as a result of resource-limited immigrants. up to a point i certainly agree, but to glibly deride conservatives with such broad brush strokes is kinda silly, doncha think? conservative politics aren't necessarily racist, but some of their effects can easily be used by "liberals" (hehe) to make the charge of "racism".
  4. so that's why i never see you at equinox: too much work. you better get out there; the season's just startin' with new routes just waiting for ya!
  5. although i don't think racial slurs used "ironically" by white guys make said white guys "racist" (nor does it make them hip). it often just makes them look like buffoons.
  6. where do you jump from "law and order fellow" to the holocaust? please explain.
  7. i agree with kkk and i'm a "liberal"!
  8. and how does fairweather conflate prole's post with "racism"? i'd love to see his math on that one. without knowing prole's intentions, it seemed to me that he was perhaps making a point about israel's conduct in the occupied territories. it doesn't take a "racist" to be horrified by the apartheid practiced there by israel.
  9. if the effect of a "law and order" fellow's agenda is to lock up a particular "race" of people, it doesn't follow that said fellow is a racist. (the notion of "race" is to me rather offensive in itself.) and i also wonder how many of you who are so concerned about matters of "ethnic difference" find yourselves in the company of, say, african americans, and then would use terms like "spear-chucker" to make a point?
  10. in china, they wouldn't even eat a dog that ugly.
  11. then black flag and a faux-hawk took over.
  12. ok and now see if you can work "sabe" in there somewhere. maybe smoke a little crack to get the creative juices flowing.
  13. he always waits until he's asked.
  14. now the pink polo shirt i can believe. it made quite an impression, judging by your nickname here. truth be told, i did wear a pink fucking polo once. or more. it just went with my feathered hair so well, you know?
  15. that's pretty funny story. makes me go moo.
  16. gotcha. i smoked crack once, and my teeth are fine. it was pretty fun though.
  17. hey that's kinda funny. but it's still a lot of pictures.
  18. you really like to make a person work. some kinda strange compensatory projection straight outta Lazy B?
  19. so it's true what they say, about crack and teeth?
  20. i admire your honesty. and that's a lot of pictures.
  21. And that is different than the summer months how? for you it's no different come on, that was kinda funny.
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