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  1. input on home wall

    fwiw, a ledger and header usually do minimal drywall damage, usuallly reparable with some caulk or quick dry putty.
  2. input on home wall

    sounds like you might have already built, but.... I'd think the most effective way to build considering your space limitations would be to put a ledger board about a foot up on your wall and a header on your ceiling, and simply frame between the two with joists that gives a 45 or 55 degree wall. no annoying posts needed this way. and i think 2 by 6's 24" on center would give ample support on a 10' run. i did something similar years ago with only 7' ceiling heights and the thing was pretty effective.
  3. total sickness!

    kinda the new norm, and seemingly the same trajectory as your homeboy....
  4. anyone know where to get accurate ie. water immersion body fat testing in seattle? 24 hour fitness does it once a month for $50, but couldn't find anywhere else.
  5. Body Fat Testing

    yeah tell that to any elite athlete in the endurance sport game.
  6. Beware of user: Mirk's

    25 feet of shrinkage on a 60 meter rope? i don't believe it without non-anecdotal evidence.
  7. Could I borrow a drill?

    pm dwayner.
  8. Beware of user: Mirk's

    uhhh sounds like mirko thought he was buying an ok rope. sounds like alex knew he was selling a "very well used rope". ummm, just give away your "very well used ropes", ok? especially ones with soft spots and short by friggin 25'? btw, never ever ever heard of a climbing rope shrinking from 60 meters to 52 meters before. 25 feet? that's ridiculous. unless it was sitting around baking in the sun for a few years.
  9. it seems that the potential impacts to climbing are somewhat secondary to the fact that innocent lives were changed forever by a friggin' rope swing. I'm actually quite astounded that people are up in arms about the bolt removal. Thanks Ian for taking care of the obvious.
  10. Kid's Rock Climbing Wall

    what's he siked about next? are you keeping him off harder lines? btw, is it unusual for a 6 yr old girl to be doing pullups? I was at the park yesterday with Seija, and this little girl started doing laps on the monkey bars non-stop. i asked her if she could do pull-ups. "what's that?", she said. I showed her, and she whipped out 3, perfect form. it was sick, i say.
  11. Kid's Rock Climbing Wall

    jesus. had he even done chronic yet? you think he's ready for something in the next number? i've been on the sickness a coupla times recently; drilled, but enduro with no injurious moves....
  12. Kid's Rock Climbing Wall

    45 degrees? your kid won't even be hanging on in the first coupla years at that angle! give 'em something fun to play on, slabs and vert, and they'll at least be climbing and having a good time as sub-2 yr olds.... rudy's kids don't count as good examples: he's training them for the olympics, beatings and steroids and all that.
  13. we can also reasonably assume that we will not be side-swiped by someone on a rope swing as we clamber on a rock climb. this isn't really a hazard anyone is expecting to encounter, especially the gal injured in this unfortunate incident. it seems rather self-evident (especially given the recent accident) that this rope swing is a direct danger to climbers, and in a way that the climbers really have no control over. having said that, i am stating my opinion only on information presented in this thread.
  14. i seem to recall 11b as the grade....
  15. Kiss my Discovery Pass

    you really found those numbers to be "impressive"? rangers making 50 or 60 grand? office administrators making 40 grand? a custodian making 12 bucks an hour? i guess you and your ilk (jayb etc) really are right. this is what is breaking the economies globally.
  16. People's favorite 5.12 climbs

    it goes all gear, actually. but no gear needed now.
  17. People's favorite 5.12 climbs

    unless, of course, it's not busy getting 12c or d. i think the hydrophobia extension to rainy day women is great; probably 12b or c with the perfect beta. i have always liked leif's dairy freeze at wwi, hard 12b'ish. some people call orgasmatron 12a, and it's really good and long, wwii. smith has more than a few classics in that range.
  18. Nason Creek info wanted

    nothing wrong with secret crags. might not suit everyone's fancy for "equal access for all"; just reality. not everything is equal opportunity.
  19. Greeks Bearing Gifts....

    i had someone poke a pistol at my head though. kinda sucked. well, in hindsight. at the time, what are you gonna do? immediacy rarely sucks, actually; it just is....
  20. Greeks Bearing Gifts....

    i have never been shot. jesus, what is wrong with me?
  21. Mt. Slesse Info Request

    Sorry for the double post, but looking for info on Slesse; is the heavy spring snow affecting the route itself? and, if you could be dropped off anywhere in the north cascades, are there routes in the 5.10 to 5.11 range that compare to Slesse in terms of pure rock climbing and quality (that would be in condition)? thanks for info!
  22. Mt. Slesse Info Request

    where should it be, neckbeard?
  23. Slesse Info

    Anyone been to Slesse this year? Is the route climbable with the heavy spring snow? And, if you could be dropped off anywhere in the north cascades area, what would be your route of choice? Looking for something in the 5.10 to 5.11 range....
  24. Representin!!!!!!!!!

    can't say i've ever seen one, but i thought wearing a cc.com shirt meant "shit for brains". my bad!