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  1. That's so sad, I would hate to have been one of the two climbers left behind. I did MIR last Friday, great route. It can be rapped safely with a single 70 but I totally understand the impulse to use a double and speed things up. Especially with a group of three. So sorry for the family/friends' loss. Climb on, my man.
  2. I was up by Nevermind wall and saw two new lines just past Goblin and Culture Shock, any news on grades? Good work whoever put them up, looking forward to the bottom 8 feet not being a waterfall.
  3. Howdy! I have done Culture Shock and Rainy Day Woman, looking for some other fun, preferably very long 5.12 climbs to try. Probably going to stick to sport for my hard climbing for now but if there are totally outstanding 5.12 trad climbs I should try, would totally be willing to rehearse the bejesus out of them on top rope. Thanks for the help! Drew "Drive fast, take chances" - Old skydiving farewell
  4. Does anyone know if he road to the north side of Mt. Adams is clear of snow yet?
  5. I don't want to start a spray fest regarding the route itself, just curious if anyone knows if the road back there is clear of snow yet.
  6. Thanks for all the intel. We did it by leaving the car around 1:00am, summited about 7:50, lounged and made breakfast until about 9, back to the car about 1:30. I think our exact round trip including lounging and talking to folks (we saw probably 50+ people on their way in to summit Sunday morning) was 12 hours, 26 minutes. No blazing speed but a fun trip to be sure.
  7. And more scenic (I've done both Easton and CD car to car), did this several times. Slept at trailhead, took light gear, two waterbottles and fill as you go up. Recommend light rope and glacier gear. TTT What time did you head out from the car?
  8. It'll be my first car to car so whatever's the most straight forward is probably best. Did Rainier last weekend (Emmons) and Adams (Adams Glacier) the weekend before that.
  9. I am planning on trying Baker car to car next weekend, any beta would be great!
  10. I did Adams glacier route about two weeks ago, it's heavily glaciated, not heavily trafficked but probably more advanced than you would be comfortable with. I wouldn't advise is as a first glacier route, you'll want to know how to climb on a rope team, crevasse rescue, steep hard snow, some front-pointing. The south spur is a hoot, I went mid-week once and our party of 6 was the only one on the lunch counter. I did it once on fourth of july weekend, it was a friggin goat rodeo. Baker is supposed to be good but one person told me if the weather is lousy in only one place in Washington, odds are it'll be on Baker. He's been weathered out more than once. My vote: Adams South spur, up on Thursday, summit Friday morning then hike out.
  11. Has anyone done the Adams' Glacier route? Any beta on the general line would be great, doing it this weekend (this TR sounds to hairball for my dog route ass).
  12. Dudes, is this another mock Summitchaser post? I love those, I want in!!
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