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  1. Post insults here.

    Some perfectly useless posts are being cluttered up and sidetracked here by pea brained insults volleyed back and forth by the same mongrel faced, scab covered combatants. Each trying to out-do the other until the inevitable, tired old standard "STFU jizz gargler sack licker" comes up. I really think its past time that you festering sore spawn from the cunt of a 1000 times fucked whore who smelled like fermented piss show a little imagination with the insults.
  2. Investment Tips

    As someone who daytrades everyday for a living I can only offer these generalities: 1. Take no advice from anyone or any source that tells you what a particular stock is going to do in the future. No one knows. 2.Have no pre concieved notion in your head that YOU know what a stock is going to do. That concept will beat you psycologicly forcing you to hold on to losers by not admitted you were wrong. 3.Pay yourself as the market make money available to you. Holding out for the home run is foolish. Cashing out of singles, doubles,triples puts real money not phantom profits in your pockets. 4.Buy uptrending stocks. Short sell downtrending stocks. Reverse your position when the stocks reverse their trends. 5. It takes no skill at all to put on a single winning trade. You are either right or wrong. Move on. The skill is managing the losing trades so they don't take too much away from your buying power and managing the winning trades so you can increase your buying power. 6. Trading/investing is a probability game just like a casino. Ask yourself how can a casino make consistent profit on games that have a random indivdual outcome? Because over the course of time the system they use(money/risk managemnet)puts the probalities in their favour. AS a trader you can use the exact same techniques. 7. Know yourself before you start this game because the markets teach expensive life lessons to those who don't.
  3. Keiths Hut Avalanche

    Many of us on this site have been to the Cerise Creek/Keiths hut area numereous times. The following post absolutely blows my mind. Knowing exactly where this event took place makes it really hit home. As much as I want to ski in all this glorious powder, I will be staying at home instead. Subject: [MCR] Anniversary Glacier Avalanche Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 23:53:29 -0800 I was skiing in the Cerise Creek drainage this weekend and observed a large natural avalanche worth noting. The East ridge of Matier above the Anniversary Glacier has avalanched and has run the full length of the valley below the glacier to end approximately 500 meters beyond the toe of the moraines. Debris has crossed Cerise Creek and removed a large swath of the 2nd generation trees on the east side of the creek, then turned the corner and ran down Cerise creek for another 100 meters. At least 300-400 meters of the standard approach to Keith's Hut is under 1 to 3+ meters of debris, including about a 200 meter section of Cerise Creek. Limited observations of the fracture line show it right at ridge top and it appears to be 3-4 meters in depth, possibly triggered by cornice failure during the recent high winds. There also appears to be a significant fracture line and avalanche on the moraine/boulder slopes underneath Joffre, most likely triggered by the impact of the first avalanche off of the East Ridge of Matier. I could not see the middle steeper section of the Anniversary to see if it had slid as well. I was in the parking lot at 0930 on Saturday Jan. 5th and heard a large event, but with poor visibility could not be sure if it was a large wind gust or an avalanche. When we reached the debris at noon there were a large amount of branches on the snow surface with little snow cover despite heavy snowfall, so I am fairly certain it ran at around 0930 that morning. Luckily there were no people on the approach at the time, though it is a very sobering sight to see such a commonly traveled route under so much debris. A good reminder to always question your choice of route, and what you are exposed to at that time, regardless of how "common" the route is. Brian Jones Mountain Guide www.themountainschool.com
  4. [TR] Duffey Lake area - 12/30/2008

    Trip: Duffey Lake area - Date: 12/30/2008 Trip Report: Slayed some slopes and inhaled powder for 2 days.Pics and vids here on my blog http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  5. video worth watching

    :lmao:telemarkers :lmao:
  6. It's puking snow here...

    :moondance:10 -12" of freshiez already! :moondance: Video from Elfin Lakes/Gargoyles yesterday We found 212cm... jJBGcNef-Aw
  7. It's puking snow here...

    :moondance:TTT cuz we got 71cm/28 " the past week :moondance:
  8. R.I.P. Joe Strummer

    He died five years ago today. Raise a glass or smoke a joint for the godfather of punk rock. If it wasn't for him we'd still be listening to shit like Journey or Chicago
  9. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    This thread reminds me of the climbers missing on Mt. Hood thread last year. Wait a minute...that's when Seahawks first showed up here!
  10. putin- man of the year???!!!!

    Putin disses W. here 1VJwn-At244
  11. Do Aetheists celebrate Christmas?

    We aetheists go skiing.
  12. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    You're dead wrong there baby Jeebus. After the 3rd verse of "Praise the lord and pass the collection plate" I'd slice your tent open, grab that infernal noisemaker, break it into tiny splinters, douse it in white gas and put a match to it. You would then see that it would keep you warm....for a short time.
  13. Mold Yer Own Liners?

    Lots of info here. http://www.alpinecarving.com/bootfitting.html I followed these instructions and my liners fit perfectly.
  14. icelantic skis

    6'1" 185 lb. naked.
  15. icelantic skis

    I have two pair of Icelantics. The 154 Nomads and the 161 Shamans. The are fat, light, carve and float like motherfuckers. I am a convert and can't see going back to a longer ski. Check out some of my trips here, http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  16. Hill Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002

    I was always able to find out where my brother hid my Legos using only pliers and a blowtorch.
  17. WTB: Your old skin

    I use the full width left over scraps from my Glidelites. No metal or plastic on the front. They have never been stripped off from the pressure of gliding and they work excellent.
  18. Over before it really began...

    Too bad guy. Well now you can surf more porn sites. And besides we told you to switch over to AT!
  19. we are fucked

    Obviously we will need the multinational corporations like Monsanto or ADM to develop a pollination fog/poison and spray the earth. After that they will nationalize the AG biz.
  20. Trip: Mt. Fissile - Banana Chute Date: 11/10/2007 Trip Report: Spent 3 great days sking, climbing etc. Found great snow, check it all out here http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  21. Trip: Flute, Oboe bowls 11/21/07 - Date: 11/21/2007 Trip Report: Blue skis and decent powder check out my blog http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  22. [TR] Flute, Oboe bowls 11/21/07 - 11/21/2007

    Ya of course it is! Judging from the lack of TRs on this boardI think I'm the only guy getting turns in
  23. Trip: Cloudburst Mt. 11/18/07 - Date: 11/18/2007 Trip Report: November stoke just keeps getting better, check out my blog for pix plus a link to professional photos of same trip - awesome! http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  24. Alpine Trekkers - Practical?

    Remember to bring bandages and sticky tape this weekend.
  25. Whistler Ticket Deals....

    Try the Edge card instead... Your EDGE CARD gives you the best deal all season long. Compare with: Adult Ticket Window Rate: $77 - $83 7-Eleven & other discount tickets: $69 Other promotions (ie: Gas coupons): begin in January and are valid Sunday to Thursday only with blackout dates EDGE CARD: $53 - $57 and once your included days are used you never pay more than $67. Valid all winter season.