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  1. It's that time of year again when W asks for more umpteen billions to continue up the Iraq fiasco. Not for healthcare, education, infrastructure or alternative fuel research. Only for war and killing. It's amazing that you can't stop this guy from destroying your childrens future. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/23/washington/23prexy.html?hp
  2. Those are my skinny , fast and light skis, Icelantic Nomads 140/105/130. My fat powder skis are Icelantic Shamans 160/110/130. They float like a fat kid on top of chocolate pudding.
  3. Trip: Brohm Ridge - Date: 10/20/2007 Trip Report: First ski day of the season. 1m of freshiez!
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    This is the 300,000th post in spray.
  5. It's snowing and I wrote this today for all of us that can't wait to get back on the boards... Ode to winter the tales that follow are what the oldtimers so viewed about events back in the day ‘ tho all are not true ‘twas mid October when it started to fall a good premonition promised to all i ducked under the covers, sleepy that night when I awoke in the morn’ the hills were covered in white it snowed every day, very hard in November it snowed even more right to the end of December it didn’t stop snowing until half way past June and wouldn’t you know we thought that to soon ‘twas an eerie silence that greeted us all when the sun started shining and flakes ceased to fall we grabbed the snowblower , shovels and mitts we tunneled to the surface in a right, randy fit there were no houses, no cars, no freeways in sight we scanned the horizon try as we might i stepped on the surface and fell in deep past my head like my pockets contained gold and my boots made of lead they dug me out fast and with not a minute to waste we made for the hills in very much haste “stick on the skins and up lift the heel risers” we plowed through the drifts ever more higher as we rounded the corner the leader let out a gasp for a sight never seen was now in our grasp the mountain before us was normally quite tall but in this day now we felt ten times as small it was ten times as high and ten times as wide and there were cornices and ridges and chutes to go ride there were bowls, and flutes and one mile deep powder “the giant is untracked” we yelled even louder we flew over the slopes right up to the top and when we looked down our hearts seem to stop for the vertical run that greeted us there was so long and so steep that it gave us gray hair 80 degrees angle and five miles long we’d give up our lives to get first tracks this strong i stepped over the edge and said to the guys “i’m going to bag this hill or I’m going to die” i jumped the huge cornice and carved the steep bowl the snow was at once pure heaven and evil black hole for it sucked me right in and seduced me all right faster and faster I flew, down out of sight my turns were all fluid and perfectly made ‘till gravity stopped and time was betrayed i floated in crystal, wrapped in sublime but always returned with powder in mind i raced down steepness with legs burning now and flew down the flutes brimming with pow some of our group was lost that fine day when a slide let loose and covered their way we didn’t turn back or shed nay a tear for we all knew the danger and hoisted them a beer and there were problems with skis, bindings and skins for the gremlins also need to get their fun in we skied back to the hut and stoked a big fire and laid back and regaled our exploits and admire long into the night did we rant and shred ‘tll foggy heads and full guts did we march off to our beds alas when I woke I was not where I seemed and wondered if all I had known was only a dream
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  7. Почему-то, я очень сомневаюсь в твоему "знании" разных языков, дурак. Очевидно, я действую на твои нервы, как я отвечаю на твои глупые "оскарбления" на русском. Это моя цель. Я не русский, и ты ничего не знаешь ни про русских ни про украинских. По-этому дурак показывается ты сам! Лучше было закрыть твое проклятое рыло. For some reason, I greatly doubt to your the "knowledge" of different languages, fool. Obviously, I act on your nerves, as I answer your foolish of "oskarbleniya" in the Russian. This is my purpose. 4 not Russian, and you nothing know either about the Russians or about the Ukrainian. Therefore fool you shows itself! Better it was to shut your cursed snout ... I don't know if Babelfish lost something in the translation but the last line is quite the slap in the face. Or at least a refreshing change from "jizz gurgling fudge packer" or somesuch common refrain.
  8. Me, I have no problem whatsoever say it was an inevitable consequence of U.S. meddling in Iranian affairs. I was around countless brown-bag, anti-Shah demonstrations and knew more than a few highly disaffected Iranians in the movement to overthrow the Shah. And most all of these folks had no shortage of personal stories to recount relative to the savage level of violence employed by the Shah's security forces. The bottom line in Iran was we attempted to play them, and the entire region, like they were just another country in Latin America where the real roots of U.S. foreign policy lie. In fact, the last hundred years of Mid-East policy has basically been a continous disaster because we keep trying to manage and manipulate cultures and tribes in the Mid-East like they are in Central America. The essential problem however, is there are no Latin suicide bombers - Latin cultures are nothing like Mid-Eastern cultures and you simply can't operate with the same mindset in Sana'a as you do in Santiago and expect the same results. And that's basically what we've been doing again and again in the Mid-East. The Iran-Contra Affair was the recent pinnacle of this disfunctional thinking. You'd think we'd learn eventually - U.S. Mid-East policy and 'diplomacy' has been like the longest running sitcom ever for the amusement of generations of British diplomats. Hell, even our Latin neighbors are finally "getting" it, even if it took them a 100 years. Chavez, Saddam, the Shah, and Ahmadinejad were/are very much creations of a U.S. foreign policy that has been stuck in a revolving, time-warped turnstile still steam-driven by Rockefeller-era corporate sensibilities. Each decade we reap a hard bite on the ass from seeds sewn in many previous decades and yet each time we cry anew, "It's a outrage! How could this evil be happening to us!" Even more miraculously, a mirror is never at hand when we we attempt to clearly point out where the true evil lies, which is generally at our feet - we need merely look where we're aiming our gun. So, clueless as ever, the beat goes on - and everywhere in Africa and South America, that beat is backing lyrics sung in the language everyone on those two continents is suddenly clamouring to learn - Mandarin. Is it vanity or pride that keeps the American Right steadfastly blind and unable to entertain even the remote possibility that many of the affronts to the United States aren't a reaction to our successes, but rather to our excesses?. And is it stupidity or self-loathing that keeps the American Left from realizing that reactionary cultural responses to U.S. hedgemony are only rarely cuddly and good tourist destinations? And how hard is it to realize some of the basic, common sense approaches so useful for getting along in third grade would go a long way in today's world. I nominate this for post of the year.
  9. You guys haven't invaded us yet...
  10. Maybe she should learn to swallow.
  11. I think we should all go a nice Korean restaurant, order the doggie sampler platter and discuss this thread.
  12. Bro, do yourself and your knee cartilage a favour and don't try to ski using mountaineering boots. You'll get blisters on the way up from your heel lifting inside the boot and you have virtually no control on the way down. Get a proper set up with Dynafits. I use these short skis, Shamans for powder, Nomads all mountain and these boots are awesomely comfortable for climbing and blow away the advertising hype that you need a heavy boot to drive a fat ski. It isn't true. http://icelanticboards.com/at-boards.htm http://www.marmotmountain.com/MMWmain.asp?Option=Detail&StyleID=10007694
  13. Here's the view from my patio this morning suckas, http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  14. The USA - the only country in the world that has has more guns than people. The USA - home of the American dream, spend half your day stuck in traffic, spend the other half dreaming about getting a bigger SUV to make the traffic more bearable. The USA - where the gyms have escalators to the 2nd floor Starbucks. The USA - your political system is unrivalled for compassion, truth and human rights, compared to ancient Rome and nazi Germany. The USA - it used to be that a middle aged housewifes dream was a colour TV now it's a facelift, boobjob and lipo. and finally The USA - depite the worlds most powerful, highly trained and well provisioned military you can't find a 6 1/2 ft bearded man hiding in a cave after 6 years.
  15. He should have choked his chicken instead.
  16. Lose the brakes, lock down the levers and get some short skis - less than 160's so you don't get the torque transmitted to your knees.
  17. Here's a link to an article from BCA on rescue shoveling. http://www.bcaccess.com/documents/EdgerlyAtkinsISSW06.pdf
  18. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
  19. Nice clip! This train wreck has been coming down the tracks for a long, long time and anyone who didn't realize was deaf, dumb and blind. Us short sellers are doing just fine. And I would have thought that an experienced trader like Cramer would not be so emotional, he had plenty of time to sell and get on the other side.
  20. Trip: Stonecrop Face - Date: 6/3/2007 Trip Report: Corn skiing on the Stonecrop Face on Rexs Pillar. Check out my blog for photos and videos. http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  21. Trip: Hurley River sledding, Mt.Matier ski 5/13//07 - Date: 5/13/2007 Trip Report: Snowmobile and climb/ski action at Hurley River and Mt. Matier. See my blog for pictures http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/ Approach Notes: Sled
  22. Some serious shit going down in DC these days http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/05/15/AR2007051501890.html Is the American collective so numbed by gridlock and 200 TV channels that you don't notice or care about what direction your elected leaders are taking the country? I mean this latest episode has to shake to the core any normal thinking person regardless of their political pereference. A texas size witchhunt should be mounted and Gonzales & company, right up to GW should be canned. Their actions reek of evil intent. You've got Comey, McNulty, Mueller, Ashcroft to give the sorrid details of the administations puppeteering. GW should change his credo from "The Decider to The Denier"... "Even the White House declined to counter Comey, who has a reputation for honesty. "You've got somebody who has splashy testimony on Capitol Hill -- good for him," presidential press secretary Tony Snow dodged. Wow.
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