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  1. Supporting our socialist nullity economy again Jay?
  2. Jeb Bush as the next president.
  3. Here's a good quote : "If the 20th century is any guide, no low-intensity guerrilla war or insurrection has ever been won on foreign soil. The US, like the Soviets in Afghanistan, the French in Algeria, and its own forces in Vietnam, might possess far more advanced and destructive firepower, but it is far less committed than its opponents and is far more fragile and prone to losing momentum. In a conflict perceived as being between a selfish crusade and selfless jihad, highly trained, paid and equipped US, Israeli and British soldiers strive to stay alive as they fight wars of choice against low-tech volunteer militants who are ready to sacrifice themselves and die as martyrs in a confrontation of necessity. The US mourns its dead; resistance groups celebrate theirs." And another: "Five years, five wars and $500bn later, the US global war on terror has strengthened fundamentalist enemies and weakened its moderate clients. The Bush administration has acted like a pyromaniac fireman in applying preventive multilateral policies and special intelligence measures to defend against future terrorist attack. Bush has aggravated and increased the asymmetrical threats that culminated in the attacks on New York and Washington."
  4. Election Rigging for Dummies - by Karl Rove " Helpful tidbits on electioneering slight of hand from the master" - Chicago Sun Fascism the 21st Century - Donald Rumsfeld "In depth account on the revival and practice from the man at the top" - Tijuana Times Constitution Origami - Alberto Gonzales "Details 1001 origami figures you can make at home from scrap paper" - Arts & Crafts monthly Halliburton Heapin' Helpins'- Dick Cheney "Edge of your seat ride into the inner sanctum of greed" -NY Star The devil in Me – George W. Bush “Smoldering true story of his secret identity” – Caracas Daily News
  5. So the president of Iran wants to start opening the countrys nuclear facilities to tourists. That should delay any impromto airstrikes from the Great Satan or Israel. ALthough the run up of chest thumping retoric will probably scare the tourists away and not make the t-shirt sellers too happy. http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/BC53222A-97EF-452E-82A1-D701D28680D4.htm
  6. ...What a canadian thing to say. Are you really trying to proclaim that 9/11 was our fault? If so - fuck off. It's the fault of the misguided and hypocritic american foreign policy of the last 50+ years. When you continually stick your nose when it does not belong, cater to self serving business interests, subjugate entire populations to the ravages of war to advance your political doctrine, eventually some group is going to say enough is enough, get their act together and engage you.. http://www.krysstal.com/democracy_whyusa02.html Check out the links that since 1947 USA has engaged in 158 acts of invasion, military action, election finance, economic coersion, sanctions, covert action, assasination, political coersion, bombing or military aid in other countries. That doesn't seem to promote democracy to me. While I'm sorry for the loss of life your country experienced, there is much more innocent blood on your hands. And until the 2nd american revolution happens and your country returns to the ideals that were once the envy of the world, more carnage will come your way.
  7. I’m a stock trader and almost everyday I buy, sell or short sell oil company stocks. I see immediately what happens when news or rumours hit the market. To me the news is not what is important, only the market reaction. However, my musings that follow represent what I feel is important about the coming of peak oil and the subsequent decline of the civilized world. I truly think we're at one of those turning points where the future's looking so ugly, few want to face it. By now most intelligent people realize that something is profoundly awry in the global oil patch. Yet to truly grasp the scope of the crisis looming before them, people must consider the awesome position of power that cheap oil has intertwined itself into society. Virtually everything is made from plastic these days. All businesses are somehow connected with oil. Retrace the seemingly ordinary tank full of gasoline back to its sources and you go into the heart of the worlds vast and troubled oil dependency. And what it exposes is a globe-spanning energy network that today is so fragile, so beholden to hostile powers and so clearly unsustainable, that our car and plastic centered lifestyle seems destined to grind to a halt in short order. Chevron, the nation's second-largest oil company, has bluntly declared that "the era of easy oil is over" and is warning energy-hungry Americans that "the world consumes two barrels of oil for every barrel discovered." http://www.willyoujoinus.com/ Exxon Mobil says “ we’ll need approximately 60 percent more energy in 2030 than in 2000.” The trouble is that there is forecast to be less and less cheap oil available and an ever increasing population that is demanding it. “China has displaced Japan as the No. 2 oil importer, after the United States. Chinese oil imports are projected to double to 14 million barrels a day over the next 20 years. Many credible analysts foresee a new "energy cold war" as the U.S. and China square off over the planet's last reserves.America and China are on a collision course over what remains of the world's hydrocarbons. The 21st Century is going to be defined by this aggressive competition for a resource that's depleting.” I see a much less subtle scenario – What cannot be accomplished through diplomacy with be accomplished through military force. As supplies get tighter, strategic military moves will be made by the big have nots against the smaller haves. USA into Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the middle east, Canada. China into Brunei, Malaysia and area. Russia takes back all the 'stan countries. “Last year, hurricanes Katrina and Rita delivered a one-two punch to the energy-rich Gulf Coast, swamping New Orleans and disabling the offshore wells and pipelines that yield a third of America's domestic energy production. In 1940, the United States was the Saudi Arabia of the world. It produced 63 percent of the planet's oil. Today, after years of frenzied pumping, it generates 8 percent.” A high-powered study released last year by the Department of Energy, the so-called Hirsch report, warns that even with a concerted national effort it could take decades to transition from oil to fuel alternatives, and that "without timely mitigation, the economic, social, and political costs will be unprecedented." http://www.netl.doe.gov/publications/others/pdf/Oil_Peaking_NETL.pdf How are you preparing for a much different future?
  8. They will need room for their "New Order" http://news.pacificnews.org/news/view_article.html?article_id=eed74d9d44c30493706fe03f4c9b3a77
  9. I thought it was getting close but not past yet. It is a tragic, disgusting and useless number.
  10. The comprehensive spy report by the National Intelligence Estimate, a consensus view of 16 separate spy agencies including the CIA concluded the U.S. invasion of Iraq helped create a new generation of Islamic radicals and increased the global terrorism threat. Retired military officers were blunt at Senate Democratic hearings Monday, saying Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has bungled the war and misled Americans. This was apparent some time ago. The BuShites says it ain't so. I think they've galvinized a worldwide islamic movement against the USA and its allies. Witness Bali, London, Madrid. I also think the next generation of Isalmic fascists(GWB words)will be brought up on steady diet of anti USA preaching and American interests worldwide will be targets. Again all this is old news but for them to think other wise is naive. What's BuSh waiting for, the # of dead from the Iraq war to equal 9/11?
  11. Scrapa F1, very comfy, light, great to tour and climb with the bellows there.
  12. And when you stop being a juvenile dickhead impersonating and using someone elses avatar maybe you'll find a ski partner.
  13. WTB Dynafit leashes. Anyone got a pair?
  14. http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenew...me-C1-topNews-3
  15. If you've been moaning over the drop of your stock portfolio since the summertime, check this out. http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/Alberta/2006/09/20/1867207-sun.html
  16. http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/weather/snowreport/index.htm
  17. Hit refresh until it pops up.
  18. on how big that guys pack on the Feathered Friends advert on the left is? I say 110 litres and 85 lbs. The two other masocists with him are burdened with the same pianos are their backs.
  19. May 11 was the start of the decline when there was an interest rate annoucement. Since then its been a short sellers paradise for the most part and that continues through today
  20. I heard they're going to build a center for the tendentious, acontextual, recitation of random facts in service of febrile arguments by citizens of geopolitical nonentities there as well. Should be a good fit. Those are such massively big and impressive words, you are obviously in the group of 1 in a 100 amerikans who actually read books. Most can only recite who hit the most home runs with the bases loaded in the 1972 world series, off left handed pitchers. You don't bore people at partys with that act though, do you? Actually I had a good chuckle a few weeks back when you referred to Canada as a geopolitical nullity. Spot on description.
  21. I think it unlikely that he would construct a centre for peace in the USA, a country that since 1947 has engaged in 158 acts of invasion, military action, election finance, economic coersion, sanctions, covert action, assasination, political coersion, bombing or military aid in other countries. http://www.krysstal.com/democracy_whyusa02.html
  22. Find a couple of randy slags, go for a piss up, shag them, then have a fry up.
  23. The Dalai Lama was in Vancouver today and speaking at GM place to a packed house. Two significant items were announced. First, he was granted honorary Canadian citizenship.I have read that this really angered China. Kudos to our normallly spineless government to not bow to external pressure. Only two others people have had this bestowed on them, Nelson Mandela and Raoul Wallenberg. Second, was the announcenment of the building of the Dalai Lama Centre for peace and education. That he selected Vancouver as the first and only location is an honour indeed. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of a true world leader.
  24. This really heats up after about 3 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEAvHgeNAHM
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