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  1. you guys aren't too far behind http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/080821/koddities/oddity_library_arrest
  2. We win again on no sensational TV coverage http://blogs.kansascity.com/tvbarn/2008/08/if-olympics-cov.html
  3. On the bright side, the war in Iraq must be over as I can't find a single headline on Google or Yahoo.
  4. Possibly the funniest video I've seen all year http://view.break.com/553899
  5. fear_and_greed


    I wonder if Condi had "Freedom Fries" during her visit to France.
  6. Brush Clearing for Idiots. And a plastic blow up fuck doll to remind him of Laura.
  7. Wouldn't it be interesting if Phelps failed a doping test.
  8. fear_and_greed


    I don't doubt that trigger happy jar heads can't wait to get some action in with a real enemy. Go git them commie bastards, boy! Since you dispatched those towel heads in Iraqistan with such ease, god-less pinkos should be a pushover. Quick , get Rummy back in the Pentagon to formulate the war plan. Semper fi.
  9. fear_and_greed


    No...They aren't seeking a regime change at all. I am sure this wasn't a ploy to put a Moscow-puppet leader in Georgia. They tried it with politics in Lithuania, they tried it with poison in Ukraine and now it is war in Georgia. I hate to think of what Russia will do to try and sway Eastern Germany back. Funny,I don't recall ever hearing the phrase "regime change" before Bush Co. took over and started spouting off about it Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, et al. And are events in Georgia any worse than the continued US support for 21st century apartheid in Gaza? Or orchestrating coups in Venzueula or invading Iraq? What about the puppet Hamid Karzai the current "President" of Afghanistan?
  10. fear_and_greed


    Did Bush Co. really think that the Russians would not respond to his preposterous missle defense idea creeping towards their border? They can regain territory lost in the 1990's and stop the West'encroachment there. I would imagine Poland and Czech rep. are nervous.
  11. Absolutely appalling to be passed by one of those smoke belchers when you're riding your bike. Cough, hack, sneeze. Second only to a '70's - 80's VW Jetta diesel or Toyota Landcruiser in amount of soot emissions.
  12. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5jCovFg-V0kb2R__18YiGMA6zyVvA Karadzic is just one of the many war criminals, despots, thugs, your government protected to advance narrow American interests. Eichmann, Shah of Iran, Batista, Marcos, Somoza, Pinochet, Trujillo. Not to mention befriending other ones, OBL, Saddam,Musharraf. Yankee go home.
  13. With the surge being declared a success I wonder how long it will be before Iran gets in W's crosshairs. Afterall, Gulf War # 1 commenced tomorrow August 2. This week, Condi told them to comply or else. The Israeli defense minister was recently in DC, asking for the keys too daddys car no doubt. Dark days ahead.....
  14. En route to Mt. Columbia I had spontaneous, explosive diahheria about 6 times. It was like marking waypoints in the snow. Very EZ to see as thats where the crows were taking lunch/dinner afterwards.
  15. Trip: 2nd Annual Rexs Pillar Summer Cornfest - Stonecrop face Date: 7/20/2008 Trip Report: Blue skys, corny goodness and great company made this a weekend to remember. Check it out http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  16. http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/07/17/america/gore.php Wouldn't it be easier if the US just keeps ivading the have countries instead? I mean really, to organize something like the Manhattan Project or Apollo project would require a lot of smart people to spend a lot of time thinking and stuff when important TV shows like American Idol are on. And you know all the high tech gagets and new shit that would spin off would just clutter up our lives ever more. Why not use some of them nukes before their expiry date is up and show the world just who is the big dog on the block again. Hell, you could probably send a couple of Texas sheriffs up to Canada and take control of that place. Venzueula? Kill two bids with one stone there. As far as national security goes tell the world that any stikes on the Fatherland will result in a mushroom cloud on the evil doers country. I dunno know Al, I think it's better to just stay the course.
  17. The downward spiral gathered speed yesterday. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/12/business/12indymac.html?bl&ex=1216008000&en=48af597fcdabd556&ei=5087%0A
  18. I was up there today. The road is very rough in places but we saw a Toyota Echo ( 2 wheel drive econo model)make it as far as where the water bars start which is about 4 km from the trailhead. I don't know if it was a rental car of not.
  19. I've got an Ozone Frenzy 12M. The Ferrari of snow kites http://www.flyozone.com/snowkites/en/
  20. The only people that think the US is not in a recession have their heads buried in the sand. Depression is looming large. The global banking system is on life support. Money is being pumped in to prop up failing institutions and to keep their "creative" financial instruments from dropping to zero. The banks are writing down the value of their assets as property values plummet. Since the Fed started several new money auctions in Decemeber 07 and March 08 , some $1 Trillion has been snapped up in the form of 28 day loans which are secured by shaky notes ultimately being paid off by Joe Average homeowner. If he's still making those mortgage payments. It doesn't take to much foresight to see if unemployment figures reach new highs, a tipping point is going to happen. Since the price of oil is interconnected to all parts of the econmony and is now about $120 a barrel higher than it was when the dot com bubble burst in 02,a lot of people are going to be wiped out.
  21. Some random thoughts... The banking system house of cards is about to implode. Society is comprehensively bankrupt and is defaulting on loans at record rates. When there is no more money to loan, from non existent companies, to no more credit worthy people, the economy will stop. GM stock is just a short time away from reaching $0.00. Peoples savings, retirement funds are disappearing in a stock market that just ran out of smoke and mirrors. Oil prices are making new highs everyday. The spin off effects will touch all aspects of everyday life. Less money for "luxuries" and necessitities. Houses are now worth less than the mortgages owed in some areas. Manufacturing has moved offshore. Nothing is made in the USA anymore. The workforce has been reduced to service industry drones. Millions of family farms and their knowledge have disappeared, replaced by multinational agri business' that have just started to twist the knife. Recent floods in Iowa will have a big effect on grain prices. Surburban sprawl has consumed the small towns and taken the local culture away. The airlines are going to merge and consolidate or go under until there are none left. Infrastructure is crumbling, education is getting cutback. The fiasco in Iraq continues and will soon probably spread to Iran. It's like watching a slow motion train wreck....
  22. The US economy is strong and resilient. Our financial system is stable. The Iraqi’s are living in a WMD-free democrazy. While drilling on the White House lawn, we just struck oil, a major find (or an underground pipeline), which will lower gas prices for the national holiday to .99 per liter - whatever that means. Our evil empire friends from North Korea ain’t such bad guys afterall. And thanks to global warming, my ranch in Tx will soon have a nice view of the Gulph coast. I'd like to tell you that my man Bernacke is going to start distibuting all those SUV’s he’s been reposessing to the poor and downtroden of our fine county so that they too can participate in the American dream of home ownership. Now I know that some of you have lost your jobs, your homes, your self esteem and your rights, but I am here to tell you that America was built by fine folks like yourselves. Please all join in the celebration at the Tresury Dept. for the installation the 1 millionith printing press. Soon all of our finanshall problems will be a thing of the past. A special "Howdy" goes out to all the brave and giving men and women of armed forces. It's not easy being in countries that we are trying to subjugate for the betterment of the homeland. God bless America! Happy 4th of July! And please go shopping!
  23. The Decider still has the most brilliant plan to wean yourselves off foreign oil. Simply invade, occupy and declare those countries part of the New United States Of Amerika. Pesto-Chango domestic oil production sky rockets, Hummer drivers can breath easier. Whatever happened to L. Paul Bremer - Governor of Iraq anyway?
  24. McCain reminds me of Grampa Simpson. Angry, senile and lost.
  25. the classic Religion is Bullshit routine casUr9UsabY
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