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  1. Hey, just curious what the conditions are like on Mt. Hood right now, Sunday, May 24? Ice falling still? Slushy, post-holing early? I was there on Tuesday night when it dropped 5-6" of snow, and a few days before that, ice was falling, and actually a baseball sized ice-ball nailed my friend in the face, splitting his lip and chin open, and rolling tire-sized ice pieces came rolling passed him, as well as taking a few others out on the route? I know there are probably many up there tonight and tomorrow, but I want to make sure the route is in good condition.
  2. Mt. Baker climb - May 2009

    On either route, are the roads open up to the trailhead, or darn there pretty close?
  3. Mt. Baker climb - May 2009

    Hey, me and some buddies will be heading up to Mt. Baker to climb around May 24th. I'm wondering what the best road/easiest entrance onto the mountain would be, and a good (ideally avalanche-free) approach to the summit? We were thinking the Coleman, but a ranger said the road is closed from 7 miles to the trailhead, which means we'll either hike in through the closed road, or hit a different approach. Any advice? I don't live up there, don't know the roads very well, and have been up Alaska's Denali the last few years. Thanks.
  4. Denali expedition in May

    Hey just wanted to put a reminder out there that we, (Climbing For Christ), are taking our group to the West Buttress in May 11-June6, as we have a few spaces left. Anyone interested, please email me for an application, or head over to this web page for more information. http://www.climbingforchrist.org/Default.aspx?tabid=2417 vertical_hiker@yahoo.com Please keep this post spray free
  5. Denali West Butt...

    Yeah, we have our Denali Expedition trip May 11-June 6, 2008, with a max 10 member team, and a few spaces left. We're a Christian group called Climbing For Christ, and if you are interested in hooking up with us, please go this webpage, and email me. http://www.climbingforchrist.org/Default.aspx?tabid=2417
  6. Mt. Hood Climb?

    Hey anyone interested in climbing Hood's main route? I'm getting ready to head back to Alaska's Denali and needed a little exercise, weather, mountain, etc., plus I've never climbed Hood. 1-2 days (I wouldn't mind a 1-day trip, in fact prefer it). Sometime between now (February) and April. I'm willing to join a small group. I have plenty of glacier experience and training, crevasse rescue, etc., please email me: it's my cascade climbers username at yahoo.com
  7. Search Parties Needed Now! friend in CO. Avalanch

    We lost her...she didn't make it.
  8. Search Parties Needed Now! friend in CO. Avalanch

    thanks for the tip. I posted to summitpost as well.
  9. Hey any climbers who lives in or near Colorado, we need you guys to hall your butts up to Alamosa County @ Mt. Blanco above Little Bear lake for help in search and rescue of my friend Lygon Stevens. She is trapped and not found. She and her brother were caught in an avalanche yesterday (Thursday 1-10-08) where it pushed him off a cliff 600ft. and managed to survive until the next morning getting flown out to the hospital, but they are looking for her. Her Dad and her boyfriend are up there now, and some of our friends as well, but we need all the search we can get. We have hopes, but we need any climber to go up there. Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be really good, and maybe the only chance she has to survive. She's only 20, and she and her brother climbed Denali last May with me and our team. Please anyone. Her are some links below for your information, and it's all over the news. The press is there already and so it won't be hard to find. http://www.9news.com/news/top-article.aspx?storyid=84301 http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/15030533/detail.html?rss=den&psp=news Please email me at whateveryousay_01@yahoo.com if you have questions. My friends are there at the base, Jim Doenges, Nick Stevens, and Tim Hall. Thank you, Charleton Churchill
  10. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    wow, I'm impressed. I go away to prep/take some final exams in the last few days, and come back, and 40 pages later, nearly 1000 replies...everybody is still sword fighting. I'm not here to argue though, you guys sucked me in last time, and I would like to stay clear of that. Not worth arguing (man some of you are so hurtful to each other on these forums, the words you use, messed up). I just came back to let you know if there's anything I can pray for, please let me know. I would like to pray for you all, see God do some awesome things in your lives. I know some of you don't believe, but that's ok. You don't have to believe to give your prayers...who knows, God may show himself real to you.
  11. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    sorry, last post (as I saw before leaving), Yes, that's easy Chocolate. God is perfect, He created perfect beings and perfect land, and then Adam and Eve messed it all up for all of us. Sin entered, and so did corruption into the human race. That's why God came to us, to restore and redeem humanity. Hope that helps. cya.
  12. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    you know, I'm done here. It was fun chatting with you all. You make for great conversations. It's great that we can have different beliefs and still chat, and have no bitterness towards anyone. I was only here for a denali trip, and now, this forum has sucked me in too far. Hope to climb with you all in the mountains someday. Denali 2008. my email if you have questions: denalisummit@yahoo.com
  13. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    Again, talkorigins believes in evolution, so of course they are biased, and I can show you a page that will refute that information. That's not necessary though, all I have to say is, I'm still looking for the fossil records (not a few arguable picky ones). Talkorigin is not able to produce a strong argument out of this one, and provides weak to none evidence of fossils. a. Family Ancestry: Hmm, a few monkeys from Africa. b. Horns from who knows what (but they interpret for us) c and d. are interpreted transitional forms,... e.f., and so on... Really, there is not much here. They also relist some already listed in the list. Seriously, my point, evolutionists appear desperate, grasping at straws, I mean come on, there ought to be thousands upon thousands of transitional forms everywhere in our museums, not a small particle webpage devoted to a few arguable fossils. Wake up man, with a quarter of a million species that exist today, there actually should be millions upon millions of transitional forms, fossils, variations of trans-species walking around, not just straight species everywhere, horses, dogs, humans, etc,. Seriously, we should see it everywhere on earth, it should be normal,...but we don't, we totally don't, and I am so dead on right with this, there is no way you can tweak this argument to an evolutionist's benefit because if Talkorigins doesn't provide enough evidence for the fossil record, nobody does. This IS the best evidence for evolution, yet this is exactly what they lack, and is exactly what they need to convince the rest of the world. Can anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    You are totally delusional! There is not one credible scientist in the world who does not believe that evolution is a good theory and there is little chance of that ever changing. I'd love to write a long diatribe arguing the point but I know it will fall on deaf ears. I actually had some sympathy for you in the first 9 pages I read but I had to skip to the end and see that you are insulting what I hold dear and that is scientific research. I thought "Hey, maybe he does just want to find some climbing buddies interested in Christ." but arguing Intelligent Design in your own thread removes whatever credibility you had when JosephH launched the first attack. You want facts about evolution? Here is a website devoted entirely to those who think just like yourself. http://www.talkorigins.org/ in particular http://www.talkorigins.org/origins/faqs-evolution.html There are many Christians that think that evolution is a good theory and that literal interpretations of the Bible are foolish. How can one selectively declare what is literal and what isn't in the Bible? It's all or nothing because otherwise it isn't the true word of god, it's an interpretation by man. There I go. I said I wouldn't argue but I just couldn't help myself. You are correct. There are some people who don't believe in a literal translation of the Bible, and they are usually labeled liberals, but you are incorrect to say many Christians believe in Evolution, there is a group that believes the possibility of seven million year earth, as opposed to 7 day earth, but I have to say, it doesn't matter, nor was anybody there to watch. God did it. That's what matters. I believe in 7 day, not just because it's says in Genesis "Day", and not just that the context there supports it by saying "there was a morning and and an evening, and there was the next day," but the fact that Jesus in the new testament refers to it as a 7-day period (and since He is God in flesh,) that pretty much to me affirms that it was 7-days literally. But again, I wasn't there, so I don't truly know, nor do Scientist because they can't test it. They weren't there. Science used to date the earth by carbon dating, but that only works up to something like 50,000 years (and since water taints the testing, speeds up the life) that version of dating the earth is ill-equipped to measure the age of the earth. Bottom line, we're all going to find out later what happens. Even though some people believe differently, that is perfectly fine for me. We can differ and still be good friends. I had to chime in here with a minor point about the testability of scientific theories. There some theories that you can test by observation, others that you can't. Those theories that can't be tested by direct observation and measurement can still be tested by the extent to which they make useful, verifiable predictions. One of the many predictions of evolutionary theory was that evolutionary relationships should persist at the molecular level. For instance - the hemoglobin molecules generated by humans should more closely resemble the hemoglobin molecules of lemurs than, say - lampreys. These predictions were made several decades before scientists had the technology necessary to test them directly, and well before DNA had been identified as the agent of heredity. The fact that this prediction was borne out by empirical evidence several decades later provides one of many strong lines of evidence in support of the original theory. The case is even stronger when one considers the evidence provided by DNA sequencing. Speaking of DNA - were you aware of the fact that nearly one-half of the human genome is composed of ancient retroviruses (or similar self-repicating elements) that integrated into our genetic material millions of years before the arrival of modern humans? That they splice themselves into a new locale in the genome something like every 30-250 live births? That when these endogenous retroviruses replicate and insert themselves into the genome, they quite often damage the hosts by cripling and turning off necessary genes, or activating quiescent genes in a way that can give rise to cancer and other disorders? That the reason that primates can't synthesize their own vitamin C is because one of these retroelements spliced itself into the middle of a gene that encodes an enzyme required for the biosynthesis of this vitamin? Is any of this consistent with the notion of intelligent design? "The eukaryotic genome has undergone a series of epidemics of amplification of mobile elements that have resulted in most eukaryotic genomes containing much more of this `junk' DNA than actual coding DNA. The majority of these elements utilize an RNA intermediate and are termed retroelements. Most of these retroelements appear to amplify in evolutionary waves that insert in the genome and then gradually diverge. In humans, almost half of the genome is recognizably derived from retroelements, with the two elements that are currently actively amplifying, L1 and Alu, making up about 25% of the genome and contributing extensively to disease. The mechanisms of this amplification process are beginning to be understood, although there are still more questions than answers. Insertion of new retroelements may directly damage the genome, and the presence of multiple copies of these elements throughout the genome has longer-term influences on recombination events in the genome and more subtle influences on gene expression." Read the whole thing. http://www.genome.org/cgi/content/full/12/10/1455 yes, I understand most of what you said, although, I know that style of writing, you didn't necessarily need to show off in order to prove yourself, though it did sound cool. You bring this before a jury, and they won't buy into it, not enough evidence. You had me for a while until you said retroelements and millions of years. That's the problem. Scientists cannot put together a theory like this and with a non-empirical interpretation throw in millions of years ago, when there are too many problems and questions with this research, since there's so much still to discover about the human body, and the viruses are so unpredictable on how it will treat the body, how the body will react. I'll research that more though.
  15. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    Sounds like somebody would do well to rent that Nova episode "Evolution on Trial" - so you might avoid sounding this ignorant of the topic in the future. And as for your "Talk to Jesus" line, well, I'm not in the habit of talking to guys that have been dead for 2000 years. There's medication for that. I'm talking to you, mofo. Thanks I will rent that. I'm totally open to learning, and if I'm wrong, I would like to know. I've studied evolution and science, and if I'm ever proven wrong, I will change my view. For now, evolution (that is the change from one species to another) like Cat to Dog = Cog or something like that, appears hopeless, not in that order. Does life have changes and variations,...yes, but within the species,...not evolving into another species. There are horses, and all kinds of horses. There are dogs and all kinds of dogs, but I don't ever see interspecies walking around, do you? It's not normal. Darwin even said that what's missing are the links. And today, the missing links are still missing. There are 1/4 of million species in this world, and you're telling me you can't find millions, even thousands, at least hundreds throughout history (millions of years) of any transitional fossils (the Best evidence by the way)? I mean, you may have a few weak excuses, but still, that should be your best cards for THE BEST EVIDENCE FOR evolution, and that's exactly what they need to make a water-tight argument. I had a science teacher's manual of how to teach evolution for a public school with questions kids may ask(I'm telling you, I've studied this stuff blue in the face). For example, if a kid asks, isn't there a gap problem? The teacher is to respond something like, yes, but we are working on it, and here's an example (in the entire book, is only one(1) example). Guess what the example is, that they really want to sell the kids on this idea. It's a freaking Wasp-Bee. That is it! It looks like a wasp. That's all the guns they had. I'm sorry, but somebody forgot to tell the Writers, that is called speciation (change from within a species), not a transitional missing link. Actually, there's a website where if you can actually scientifically (empirically) prove Evolution to be true, you will receive $250,000. Funny thing is nobody's claimed the prize yet. Here's the Page: EMPIRICALLY PROVE EVOLUTION FOR PRIZE HERE