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    What did the blind man say when he walked past the fish market? Good morning ladies!
  2. Trip: Wells Gray Park , Cariboo Range BC - Date: 4/2/2007 Trip Report: Spent a week skiing in Wells Gray Park, BC. Good snow, terrain and good times. Check out my blog for pix and videos http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/ Click on pix to enlarge them. Approach Notes: Sno Cat
  3. Trip: Keiths hut area - Date: 3/10/2007 Trip Report: Found some good conditions on a 3 day trip up here.See photos and videos here http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  4. Trip: Gargoyles/ELfin Lakes 2/24/07 - Date: 2/24/2007 Trip Report: Fantastic snow. Photos and videos on my blog http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  5. I was sent the following junk mail today. http://www.dutchseeds.com/10freeseeds.html There are some interesting links as well. http://www.amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com/index.php?affiliateid=&affilid=367010296385 Check out the product descriptions and stoned vs. high rating
  6. Just got a pair of these. I'll post a gear test soon. http://www.bentgate.net/shskbyic.html
  7. I just got a pair of these, http://www.bentgate.net/shskbyic.html SuPeR Phat powder boards. With my current light and fast setup I use my Scarpa F1 2 buckle boots, Dynafits, Volkl Nobert Joos 102-70-90, so pretty skinny skis, I have no problems with these boots driving these skis even in deep powder. I plan to use the new boards for more descent oriented playing - cat,snowmobile assisted and probably even heli skiing. I know I'll still be skinning up so I don't want any frankenstein boots and I am skeptical of the hype that says you need a 4 buckle boot to drive a fat ski. Any informed opinions out there on this?
  8. You should read "How to control the unwashed masses through Propaganda" By Geobbels, Himmler and Karl Rove. It would polish up your delivery a bit. Did you believe Bush when he said "Mission Accomplished" too?
  9. So who is leading? Rumr had 78,SnoBoy 50 my buddies are at about 40, Keith Hansen 35, I 've got 14
  10. Did you wipe your chin off after your clients were finished in your purdy mouth?
  11. Thankfully our normally dimwitted politicians didn't fall for the BS and fearmongering coming from the White House at that time so we didn't get embroiled in this Iraq tragedy. You're right, I don't know the name of the ISAF compound on the west side of Kabul the Canadian army occupied, nor do I care. It is irrelevant to me. However I do care that you survive, intact, and are around to take your grandchildren for a hike up to a pristine alpine lake someday. Coming back in a body bag or completely shattered will do them no good. You're being used as a pawn by the war machine whose culture is death, destruction and money. Wake up.
  12. "Trashkan- I read your attack with some amusement. It's clear you have never met me. However, your words border on defamation, and make false assumptions about my role in both wars. Most jurisdictions provide civil recourse for this type of statement. I suggest you find the edit button. In fact your libel is off base completely regarding my role, which is not open to discussion here or anywhere. And here I thought spray was going to be boring after Fairweather had a hissy fit and threw the toys out of his crib. So you're some kind of super secret agent lawyer type then? Pray tell. So what happens when I say that Bush, Cheney, Rummey, Wolfy should be arrested, taken to the Hauge and put on trial for war crimes?
  13. Back in the day I can attest to some disgusting and loutish behaviour. We'd have a big piss up in somebodys basement then go out and purposefully vomit on people. At the 7-11, gas station, bus stop or even old ladies no one was safe from "The Puke Patrol". Seems inconcevible now but at the time we thought it was fun. I'm ashamed to admit it....but thanks for the memories!
  14. Marmot 8000 meter down suit. Size large, I'm 6'1" 185 lbs and it fits perfect. Excellent condition, no rips, stains or any damage. $ USD 550 Millet Everest boots size 10 1/2. Average condition. Several small holes in the gaiters from crampon points and a patch over a small tear. Soles and inner boots are good. $ USD 300 Shipping is extra. Photos are available.
  15. I wonder what other gems like this are contained in the Patriot Act fine print. But hell, you could always hire the Johhny Cochrane, Dershowicz, Shapiro team to bamboozle the other side and set you free.
  16. There's still a 2% chance that Bush and Cheney won't contract it. That is simply not acceptable.
  17. “The Middle East isn’t a region to be dominated by Iran. The Gulf isn’t a body of water to be controlled by Iran. That’s why we’ve seen the United States station two carrier battle groups in the region,” Burns said “Iran is going to have to understand that the United States will protect its interests if Iran seeks to confront us,” Burns continued. That's fucking classic American chest beating! Just classic. And you wonder why the world is sick of the imperialistic delusions of grandeur coming from W. Where do they get this stuff from? Hollywood?
  18. fear_and_greed


    Wwwaaaayyyy too much Bush for my taste.
  19. BC and Western Canada avalanche info with multiple destinations. http://www.avalanche.ca/avaluator/
  20. If we could melt those pesky polar ice caps and glaciers then we may have enough water to pull this project off. Then either build a canal from the Arctic ocean to northern Alberta or a superhighway for tanker trucks to transport the water in. Suck that place dry, then bury garbage from all over N. America in the hole. Light off a couple underground nukes to jump start the oil making process and in a few thousand years after that start pumping out black gold again. We could call this sustainable energy.
  21. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/18012007/3/canada-u-s-urges-fivefold-expansion-alberta-oilsands-production.html So let me get this straight, Canada should sell off our energy self sufficiency for a few trillion baubles, accelerate environmental damage and in the future we'll then be left out in the cold(literally) so hordes of soccer moms can drive their SUVs to Starbucks? And there's talk of putting in a nuclear reactor to power the expansion.
  22. I've used G3 for 2+ seasons. They are still super sticky and the tail straps have never come off.
  23. Trip: Mt. Matier East Ridge 1/14/07 climb/ski - Date: 1/14/2007 Trip Report: Posted pix and videos on my blog http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/ Click to enlarge pix, twice to make 'em gigantic. Approach Notes: NIce ez ski track up to the hut, alternating snow conditions, knee deep to hard pack on the ridge.
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