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    Can someone explain the whole coffee culture thing to me? I had about 2 cups in my life and no matter how up dress it up with some gay name it still tastes bad.
  2. That was one of the wildest things I've ever seen.
  3. Posted some photos on my blog of a couple guys getting huge air. Click to enlarge photos, then you can usually enlarge them again by moving cursor off then back on photo. http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/
  4. Got 4 more in this weekend for a total of 7.
  5. Trip: Whistler backcountry - Various Date: // Trip Report: We had awesome conditions for 4 days last week/end. PT15c8OSghw AWvz3N24Uec 6RH3kiV6Fg4 0Osmc5-hdBQ GBIwdR8UDqQ We were ragging on some buddies on the East coast who have no snow. If this weather is the result of global warming then we should all buy a Hummer.
  6. How about "Tax audit", "Flat tire in Compton at midnight" or "President Condeleeza Rice"
  7. I'd have to put a bag over her head to bang her. The image of her goofy looking parents staring back would cause immediate shrinkage.
  8. Ah ha my good man, your calculations did not consider the fact that we are Neo-Pagans and celebrate New years on Nov 1.
  9. A couple of my buddies are trying to get turns in 100 days this year/season. So far they've got 5, I've got 3. How about you guys?
  10. Those crazy danes! http://www.speedbandits.dk/ NAKED BOOBIES - LINK MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR YOUR WORKPLACE
  11. That vessel has obviously been built as the new Gitmo floating jail so that the US officials cannot be prosecuted ala Rumsfeld in German courts. Pretty easy to keep the Red Cross and prying media eyes away.
  12. I've got one and it works pretty good. However I have two issues with it. First the padding on the shoulder straps tend to twist and let the webbing dig into your shoulders. You wont have too much weight in there but it's annoying. A little homemade sternum strap fixs this problem. Second is the dry bag closure top doesnt work too good when a hydration hose is sticking through it. Arcteryx solved this with a fitted plug. The pack does work very nicely though, super light and just the ticket when used as a compression sack and summit pack.You can also blow it up and use it for a pillow. I sold my Genie for one of these. If you take the time and sign up for OR's labrat program and review the product they'll send you a cool t-shirt as well.
  13. Bush goes to Vietnam, four decades after dodging draft http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/11/17/wuspols17.xml ...and people lay their lives down for this clown.
  14. Short video of the trail down. If you listen closely you can hear BackCountryPunk crashing into the trees.
  15. Climb: Russet Lake-Singing Pass Date of Climb: 11/11/2006 Trip Report: Got the first turns of the year in. Check out my blog http://hydrogenplusstupidity.blogspot.com/ Click on pix to enlarge them.
  16. Now that those Republican liars have lost their grip on absolute power, it'd be nice to see investigations leading to impeachment or better yet crimes against humanity. Deputy fuerher Rummys out, I wonder how many more of the inner cadre can be ousted. The truly evil Cheney should be next. Maybe there is hope for you yanks after all.
  17. My favourites; While Kristol's Weekly Standard endorsed the worldly war hero John McCain for the presidency in 2000, the neo-cons were far luckier in the selection, by five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, of George W. Bush, an empty vessel , who knew less about the conventions of foreign policy than his well-travelled father had forgotten. "Bush had a poor memory for facts and figures," Frum recalled following his abrupt departure from Bush's speechwriting shop after his authorship of "axis of hatred" (later modified to "axis of evil" by chief speechwriter Michael Gerson) was revealed to a wide network of friends by a spouse untutored in the cardinal rule of speechwriting (anonymity). "Fire a question at (Bush) about the specifics of his administration's policies," Frum said, "and he often appeared uncertain. Nobody would ever enrol him in a quiz show." A delighted Richard Perle, a 30-year veteran of the Pentagon and a foreign-policy adviser on Bush's 2000-01 transition team, was equally blunt: "The first time I met Bush," he said, "two things became clear. One, he didn't know very much . The other was that he had the confidence to ask questions that revealed he didn't know very much."
  18. From the NYT, Mr. Haggard said a Denver hotel referred him to Mr. Jones for the purpose of getting a massage. He said he met with Mr. Jones and bought the drug. “I was tempted, I bought it, but I did not use it,” he said today. I almost snorted soup out of my nose when I read that one.
  19. "It is important for you to know that he confessed to the overseers that some of the accusations against him are true. He has willingly and humbly submitted to the authority of the board of overseers, and will remain on administrative leave during the course of the investigation," the e-mail stated. A copy was obtained by KMGH-TV in Denver. A confession is good enough for me. Church member E.J. cox ,(maybe is was the fluffer) 25, called the claims "ridiculous."
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjOhHNUSgRY Turn up the volume.
  21. Guys, you're missing the point of my original post. The money is being spent like it's going out of style in Iraq. Obviously the money was there to spend. Would a more progressive and free thinking administration choose to spend it on a more worthy project and set the bar high with a mission statement similiar to the space program? " We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too." Heady stuff. And with good reason. The effort had to be committed and without limits. The US is held hostage by it's dependence on foreign oil. Would not a better use for war monies be used to try and discover and bring to market a new energy, non polluting source? The spin offs and position of leadership in the technology would be immense. Or it this too much to ask of a president that believes dinosaurs were around just a few thousand years ago?
  22. In a few short years during WW2 the concerted efforts US and allied scientists made it possible to produce nuclear weapons. For $20 billion in todays dollars the jump in technology was astounding. The occupation of Iraq has already cost 1/3 of a trillion dollars. Instead of leaving a legacy of debt and destruction, think of the alternative fuel research that could be done for that. The decline of petroleum sources is very real is not going to go away. The impact of first dwindling then non existent supplies will change the "civilized world" back to the horse and buggy era unless new sources are discovered, developed, brought to mass market and adopted. Think also of the education, health care and infrastructure programs that could be put in place for these dollars. I don't understand why the smart people in the US are not totally and absolutely disgusted with the direction their government is heading. A movement that cannot be silenced is required to bring the truth to light and act upon it.
  23. ... as the unelected heads of totalitarian/police states are fair game IMO. Are you talking about Cuba or the USA?
  24. That only happens when Republicans are counting the votes in Florida.
  25. Obviously some of the BC boys over there have had their stash discovered. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/photo/13102006/...-marijuana.html
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