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  1. $140 Used for exactly two days. One on the triple couloirs and one on the north ridge of Baker. I did some light sharpening on them after the tripe couloirs; otherwise, the front points are in great shape. All other points are in near perfect shape. I am selling because they do not fit my ski boots adequately. Original box and hardware included. Please email me at: docman2012 at gmail dot com, if interested. Local pickup if you live in Seattle. Buyer pays shipping if not. Paypal or cash preferred.
  2. Marmot sleeping bag, climbing shoes, ski boots

    Boots and sleeping bag sold
  3. Please email me at dochian at uw dot edu if you are interested in any of the gear, as I do not check my PMs very often. Marmot Neversummer 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag - $100 Used probably 30 nights over the course of 4 or so years, still in good shape with lots of loft left. Always stored in large mesh bag. Washed once using Nikwax down wash. A few small black stains. La Sportiva Boulder X Approach Shoe, size 42.5 - $35 Fewer than 30 miles on these. A few dirt stains on the side, great condition. La Sportiva Katana Lace, size 40.5 - $35 Resoled once, now they fit more like a size 40. Uppers in good condition. La Sportiva Katana, size 41 - $25 Uppers in good condition. Soles have about a month or so left before they will need to be resoled. Dynafit Zzero AT Boots, size 26.5 - $50 Still in decent condition. Skied on these for 2-3 seasons. I upgraded the liners to Intuition Pro Tour liners, which I heat molded once. The walk mode on the left boot tends to catch when touring, which sometimes causes an annoying clicking sound.
  4. My friend and I retrieved an ice screw from the first pitch of the runnels on Sunday (4/3). The screw belongs to a group of two that bailed after rappelling off an ice screw on the first pitch. Send me an email if this is your screw and we will get it back to you. EMAIL: dochian @ uw dot edu
  5. Left Cilogear Pack at Colchuck Lake

    haha, I don't think it'd be worth your while. The pack has a large hole in it. Plus it had a clif bar in it, so I bet the mice have already torn through the pack. The phone is an old LG flip phone. Even if someone steals the pack, it's probably worth about 30 bucks due to how beat up/old the pack and it's contents are.
  6. Left my old Red Cilogear 30L Worksack under a rock at Colchuck Lake due to being forced to descend the backside of Dragontail and not having the time/energy to hike an extra 9 miles to get the pack after we hitchhiked back to the Stuart Lake Trailhead. Won't have time to get it until next weekend and my phone is in it. It is on the very first boulder field under Dragontail and Colchuck; the boulder field by the beach that Colchuck Lake Trail leads directly into. About 3 min across the boulder field there is a HUGE cairn that's impossible to miss. There is a faint trail near this cairn. Walk further down this trail about 50 feet (plus or minus 30 feet) then turn left toward the beach into the boulder field. After going about 30 feet into the boulders, turn right. Walk another 20-50 feet and you will see my pack on your right under a large boulder. I put a big flat rock on top of it. I did not do a good job of hiding it. If you or anyone you know is hiking up there, I will exchange the pack for adult beverage(s) of your choice and quantity, and for some good karma. PM me or email me at docman2012 at g mail dot com if you have any info on the pack. Thanks!
  7. [TR] Glacier Peak - N/A 5/24/2015

    Hey! Pretty sure I found your snow picket on the way down. It was in the snow right around white pass and it has your name on it. PM me about it.
  8. 43.5 Scarpa Mont Blanc, trade for size 43

    haha, always half a size away.
  9. I have a size 43.5 pair on Scarpa Mont Blanc's in good condition that are half a size too large. I have to cinch down the laces as hard as I can to prevent by heel from lifting when front pointing on crampons. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a pair of size 43 Mont Blancs (or Nepal Evo's) that are half a size too small that they want to trade?
  10. This weekend (Mar 21-24)

    partner found
  11. This weekend (Mar 21-24)

    Kind of late notice, but I'm looking to get out this weekend. I'm down for anything, just want to take advantage of the weather window. Possible climbs I've been wanting to do: NE Couloir Dragontail, El Dorado Peak, Mt Index. Enchantments are looking good, wouldn't mind doing some crag climbing either. In great shape, have some gear, but no car, but will definitely help pay for gas. Send me a text of give me a call: 314 - nine four one - nine oh 4 7 Ian
  12. As of now the weather for this Friday is looking pretty good around the Enchantments and possibly in the North Cascades. Would anyone be up for some post-Thanksgiving climbing? I'd love to do something like NE Couloir on Dragontail or anything similar. I'd be down for something non-technical also. I'd also be down for some cragging if the temps are high enough. I have a rope, some draws, but no trad gear. Don't have a car either, but am more than willing to help pay for gas. I'm a strong climber and am in excellent shape. PM me if you're interested.
  13. My partner and I left two carabiners and a sling on the summit of the tooth yesterday (May 12th). There was a group of Washington Alpine Club members on the summit with us and I believe one of the leaders may have grabbed them for us. Please PM me if you have any info.
  14. Anything this weekend 3/9-3/10

    Hey everyone, I'm still looking for a partner. Anyone interested? Weather is looking great.
  15. I've been itching to get out and climb and weather this weekend looks awesome at the moment. I'm a strong climber and am in great shape. I've been hoping to do something big before winter's over, but I'm up for anything. I don't have a car but am very willing to pay my share in gas. PM if you need a partner this weekend. Ian