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  1. minx

    PM's aren't private

    use e-mail? not totally secure by any means but secure from the site admin folks if you're that concerned.
  2. minx

    Climber women

    trask has a limited view of the world
  3. We climbed w/3 using the reverso a couple of times last summer. Takes a little while to get comfy w/it using 2 ropes but no probs to report.
  4. so what exactly is it about in your mind? i don't think it's about oil but the pres seems to change what he thinks it's about.
  5. sc nice summation. you're correct about the younger shrub..er..bush and his time in the texas nat'l guard.
  6. great...Secretary of Defense, Lizard Lips Rumsfield
  7. minx

    SCARY SHIT!!!!

    i hate it when you guys creep me out!
  8. I was on guye Sunday afternoon. The lower portion is deep slush but it's not bad. Didn't venture up too high as i had my kid w/me but there's not a lot of snow. Big waterfall on the West face if that gives you any idea. We had lots of fun doing some snowshoeing and a little climbing.
  9. I watched the story of similarly fated expedition to Alaska in 1914 last night on the Discovery channel (i think) Anybody see that and/or recall the name of it. I'm drawing a blank. I'm not going anywhere by boat that involves that much ice!
  10. why is that we all seem to assume that political beliefs are formed in college? Mine are the polar oppposite of what they were back then.
  11. minx

    Traskian Epiphany

    read a biography about her a while back. from the notes of hers that were included i would say that greg w was right. her editors apparently fought w/her to shorten those speeches. She seemed to feel that the general public needed the point pounded into them. Much the way she treats the average person in her stories as a brainless follower, she seemed to view the real world much the same way. At least that's what i gleened from the biography.
  12. minx

    Best Lit

    i'm soory. my mistake eh?
  13. minx

    Best Lit

    i didn't know it was so tough to translate canadian to american
  14. yeah can get a new mouth piece, you can remove the mouth piece to scrub it. hot water and bleach are effective.
  15. use both if you are uncomfortable w/your filter. A filter can be more effective against some organisms. if you take care of it and use it properly it should be quite reliable.
  16. before i went on a trip this summer, my mom gave me an msr waterworks filter. debated on taking it b/c it was kind of heavy and i'm a wuss. Glad to have taken it and will definitey use it again this year. I'm still thinking about getting one of those little sports bottles for shorter outings.
  17. minx

    Best Lit

    i was distracted. it took a minute but i got the ol' brain engaged! i love his poetry but i don't think i'll start a poetry recitation on the board today. nice topic
  18. minx

    Best Lit

    Dylan T. got it at home and couldn't remember his last name and i obviously butchered his first! oy!
  19. trask- shush up and go clean your gun or something. you and gregw are cut from the same cloth. grrrr. Mattp is right. Lots of people believe that war w/Iraq is wrong at this point. Not all of us are uninformed. I could be swayed but the circumstances don't mandate a war at this point in my opinion.
  20. minx

    Which Hand?

    muffy- i found that too for a while. Much strong w/my left arm from carrying the kid around. I really don't have to think much when i climb about which hand but i do almost always belay to the right. hmmm
  21. sure trask, there's no thought that goes into any anti-war opinion. none at all. no one that disagrees w/you could possibly have a logical thought in their head.
  22. DFA- my sympathies. They stole my ISO's mazda right out of the driveway a couple of years ago. That really sux! Did you get yours back?
  23. minx


    i didn't take DFA's comments to be female specific when he posted them. I do tend to agree but i also realize it's just my opinion. I'll just stay out of the fray on those threads. Mystery, not history. Not that i haven't gone further than i should've on occasion.
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