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  1. i love that one jon. even more juvenille: What's a cation afraid of? A dogion!
  2. Q: if both a bear in Yosemite and one in Alaska fall into the water which one disolves faster? A: The one in Alaska because it is Polar.
  3. guns don't kill people, the crazy people who carry the guns kill people
  4. i love o-chem! you guys are great!
  5. i love science humor! thanks glen
  6. only if he asks really nicely and provides an incentive
  7. i don't know can you? you'll have to fill out an application like everyone else! PDX is a long way to go for coffee. You'll have to pre-screen the applications and let me know if it's worth it.
  8. allison, i know it, and you're right. That doesn't change the fact that it needs to happen. Another one of those things that people want but no one wants to suck it up and pay for it.
  9. ok- i think erik defines fun. should we let him have a pass on the application? Coffee in a week and application review? How will we schedule interviews?
  10. muffy, i think you can expect an application from alpine K
  11. now you're gettin' the idea
  12. If we're going to spend exorbitant sums of money why can't we at least get organized and get decent mass transit of any sort? Opening the HOV lanes isn't going to do squat.
  13. Erik, don't step in, sounds like you wanna take all the fun out of it!
  14. Josh, i've wondered the same thing and wondered how it could possibly cost us millions to determine that.
  15. i'll bring my whips next time
  16. nahh, i just like it when he spanks me
  17. out of curiosity, does anyone have any specific cuts they would make?
  18. i'm good, thanks. muffy already spanked me today.
  19. oh the stuffed animal one is just priceless. whoever is doing it can we keep that one?
  20. muffy- take it on a topic by topic basis. Don't worry about my inane posts. Next week i get a new assignment at work and my current abundance of free time will vanish. So sorry to tread on your territory. muffy's the pretty one, i'm the one that can make you see god. Pretty is as pretty does
  21. minx

    A Joke

    oh thank dog! i know dru not trask!
  22. what i meant is: if there's an equal number of eastsiders to ballardos/seattlites then why is there a poor turnout for p.c. on the eastside?
  23. i suck at spelling and y'all understood what i meant so screw it!
  24. ok- next time it's at the lockspot i might show up. But i'm still going in armed w/sudafed. How many eastsiders are there proportionally? And why are they such wimps about showing up?
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