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  1. makes you wonder what trask is shredding eh?
  2. minx

    A Quiz

    go matt! i know the answer to that one!
  3. that explains so much! screw psychotherapy
  4. minx

    A Joke

    someone actually married trask?
  5. minx

    A Joke

    what did you put in my drink?
  6. minx

    A Joke

  7. minx

    A Joke

    must not have been since i don't really remember it
  8. who the hell cares about the long term effects? I HATE getting up the next morning wheezing and having my hair smell smoke. (not that i won't do that just that i hate it) If we're a bunch of weenies for not liking fine...pass me the sudafed!
  9. minx

    A Joke

    i'm scared. i heard this joke recently and i can't remember from whom. Do i know trask? oh the horror!
  10. yeah no kidding! i'm not ready to pay those prices for that snow!
  11. i adore eyor. he was always my fav.
  12. i know that i got a heck of lot more than 7" on my back deck in the past 24hrs. Where the heck are they measuring. I had a measured 8" at 9 last night!
  13. no thanks, you look you need it more.
  14. damn if it didn't start raining by lunch...but really, there was snow, and it was right out there! not here...there. I love skiing instead of working
  15. well no guarantees that i'd show as i'm totally unreliable but i'm more likely to go to a non-smoking pub-club. i hate hacking like a 70 yr old after a night in a bar. not that i won't do it...just that i hate it
  16. Lets just ban trip reports all together. caveman, sorry, i was cranky earlier
  17. caveman- is this your site? no? then it's not your decision, you're lucky they're even considering your opinion. back off...some of these threads could use some censoring. if you think it's directed at you then perhaps you should reconsider what you post. if you think it's only about topics they care about it..so be it. Such is the whimsical nature of site moderators. they are human. Leave the spray unsensored i guess but that's it.
  18. it didn't take two trust me!
  19. i am so sick of the lord of the rings crap! make it go away! make it stop!
  20. Dru- you're right it is a simple knot but do you really think no one has ever messed up a simple knot?
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