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  1. I was looking at the rock n' road and saw that there are caves out of Eugene. Has anyone every been there, climbed there? I am looking for beta and directions. This is all I know. From Eugene go N to Coburg Rd. To the town of coburg. Turn east on Mckenzie View Dr. For 1/2 Mi. Then Hike N of the road for aprox. 1.5mi to west, middel, whale, and east caves.
  2. Well said my friend! Thanks to you and Joseph for sharing the trip with us!! Congrats on an epic adventure!!!! Fantastic TR. -Kip
  3. I'm free this Sunday-Weds and want to climb rock as many of the days as possible. Thinking Vantage... Anyone want to climb any / or all of those days? I'm leading 5.9 - 5.10 trad / sport. Follow easy 11s. Text / Call is best: 503-437-four eight six two or email: climbkip@gmail.com -Kip
  4. Saturday and/or Sunday (15/16 Mar)

    Would you be interested in climbing at Vantage on Sunday? I'm only free Sunday.
  5. Looking to get out this Tues and / or Weds. Probably most interested in Leavenworth or Snoqualmie Pass. I climbed Goatee and at the Millenium Wall today, yesterday at Rainbow Falls. I'm leading WI 3/4. Have all needed ice gear. Give me a call if interested: 503-437 four eight six two or email: climbkip@gmail.com Cheers, KIp
  6. Partners in Mazama, WA

    I'm going to be living in Mazama this winter. I'm looking for climbing partners. Looking to get out on ice, rock, and alpine routes. I backcountry ski too. No snowmobile (yet!)... I work as a ski patroller at Snoqualmie Pass and am work-less until we open (soon?!). When we get rolling my schedule varies, but I typically have weekends and a couple of weekdays free. If you're up for adventuring in the Mazama, Leavenworth, or Snoqualmie Pass area give me a call or email. Cheers, Kip 503-437-four eight six two climbkip@gmail.com
  7. I'm hoping to get out to the Bozeman ice fest. I'm still working out logistics, but thought I'd see if anyone had room in their car or would want to ride with me and chip in for gas. I'm pretty flexible on leaving times. Give me a call, Kip 503-437-four eight six two
  8. thanks, yeah. Chris' car is already full...
  9. Gorge Ice Watch 2013!!!

    I'm looking to get out tomorrow (Sunday). I have screws, rope, tools, etc. (And a car) I've climbed at Mist falls a couple of times, but have climbed maybe 40 pitches of ice elsewhere. I'm also interested in Monday / Tues if the ice holds. Cheers, Kip
  10. Hey! looking to do some craging out at vantage this weekend. I'm planing on being out there Friday - Sunday. I have a partner for Friday, but not for the other two days. Anyone wanting climb any / all of Fri / Sat / Sun? shoot me an email or text (i'll be off email starting tomorrow):
  11. Weekday partners

    Hey Dave, I have a scattered schedule -- I work as a Ski Patroller at Summit Central on various weekdays. I'm off this Weds. You interested in heading out to Vantage for the day? email or phone is best: kip.beckwith@gmail.com 503-437-4862 I'll be looking for weekday partners through March. -Kip
  12. Trip: Broken Top - South Face Gully Date: 10/27/2007 Trip Report: The four of us (Matt, Max, Gabe, and Kip) had the goal of doing a route up the Crater of Broken top. We were hoping to get on either 9 o'clock or 11 O'clock. Once we got a good view of them we decided not to because of the warm temps and the small amount of snow in both of the gullys. So we climbed what is called the South Face Gully in Oregon High. Just like it said we encountered some fourth and easy fifth class rock. There were a few short easy fifth class steps about 15-25ft high. Apart from one very loose, probably 3rd class, 80 meter traverse I really enjoyed the climb. We did a running belay on the upper part of the ridge. Descended the NW Ridge route and traversed around the mountain back to camp. nearing the crater Max coming up to the ridge looking at the upper part of the climb Gabe starting the very loose traverse section (we couldn't find any bomber anchors so we ended up soloing it) looking down our route. The red line is our approximate route. classic summit shot Gear Notes: One skinny 60m rope, slings (to tie off small trees/rock horns), one picket, ice axe Approach Notes: Todd Lake Road- we pushed the Subaru to the limit on the road. It made it half a mile from the BT trail head. The hike was just snow and scree.
  13. [TR] Mesahchie - Icefall and Couloir 10/16/2010

    I've been looking at this route for awhile now. Great photos and thanks for the post!
  14. few pics around hidden lake lookout

    You're photos show the great beauty of a special place. Thanks for sharing.
  15. 2009/2010 Washington Ice

    This sounds sweet! Where is Bridge Creek / this climb?
  16. Washington Pass

    Definatly can get them at Sedro-Wooley, Marblemount, and Blue Lake TH (Day Pass only). $5/Day $30/Year Pass.
  17. Adams South or North Side Access

    any update on south side road? How much of road snow walking is there?
  18. Anyone want to check out some cooper spur/north side of Hood ice? Anyone who has been up there recently have any pictures? I have tools, screws, rope, etc.
  19. Ice Climbing on Hood? This Mon-Wed?

    is the road gated then or just snow covered?
  20. [TR] Torment-Forbidden - Traverse 6/28/2008

    Joel- Dang man that looks sweet! Next time you come up give me a shout. I'm working up here. Just got to climb Eldorado today!
  21. [TR] Illumination Rock - SE Buttress 6/1/2008

    looks like a sweet route!!!
  22. ice in Missoula

    how's the ice in Missoula, MT? Is there any? how close/accessible is it?
  23. How is Missoula, MT for climbing? (Rock, Ice, Mtn... I like it all) I might go to University of Montana next year. Any info on the surrounding area and the college would be awesome. Thanks, Kip