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  1. Fat skin recomends

    the ascentions work great for my Fat-ypus, 140 underfoot. never had a problem with the split.
  2. nice kurt. sorry i missed it this year. had to do some packing for AK. did that cutthroat tour a couple of years ago. it's great! looks like y'all had a good ol' time as usual. cheers jimbo
  3. [TR] Squire Creek Wall - Slab Daddy 9/6/2011

    way to get up the Daddy! especially in that heat. we watched y'all climb the last few pitches, and top out. i took a few pics of you guys on 15 or 16. i can try and get them to you if you want. cheers jimbo
  4. [TR] Eldorado - Ski of East Ridge 6/22/2011

    Nice! I did the exact same trip the day before you. But, I slept in and summited at 10:30am to perfect corn.
  5. Forbidden west ridge conditions

    Didn't see the couloir, but the west ridge looked pretty snowy yesterday. Tons of snow up there, with about a foot of fresh in the last week. Have fun. Jimbo
  6. Monte Cristo access current condition?

    road is open to Barlow Pass. no idea about snow level towards Monte Cristo.
  7. [TR] Mt Garfield - NW 5/1/2011

    nice Dave! good to hear your back on the skis. cheers jimbo
  8. WTB: 8 mm or 9 mm retired rope

    i've got about 50'-80' of 8mm climbing rope that i'll part with. it's the end of a rope i had to chop. i'm in snohomish. email jimboshokesatgmaildotcom if interested. cheers jimbo
  9. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Boving Route 8/13/2010

    yo gene. dragonscar is over there by the glacier and boving route. cheers jimbo
  10. 50 meter Skinny Rope?

    I use 50m doubles quite a bit, and love them. your no. 3 is the main thing i like about them. way less rope to mess with when doing a bunch of pitches under or around 50m. often in the alpine you don't really need longer because pitches wander, and it is less to deal with while simulclimbing. cheers jimbo
  11. challenge of technology

    one of my faves: http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6144815/
  12. few pics around hidden lake lookout

    @kevino - yup, just show up & stay. hope there is no one else there already. there is a bed for two, dishes and other amenities. and, one of the best shitters in the n. cascades. view from shitter is out towards cascade pass, and straight down to cascade river some 5k below! cheers jimbo