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  1. Condolences...

    Good People, My party and I were on the saddle between the false summit, and the summit block, and I witnessed the accident. Grey was approximately 200ft high on the east face of the block when he fell. He and his partner began the climb just about in the center of the east face. The two became separated about 50ft up the face. Grey was trending north, climbing strait up the face making many class 5 moves. Greys partner was about 100ft off the deck following a ramp system that was heading to the south. My team was at the base of the rock looking for the route, and I was back a bit 50-75ft from the rock, watching for rock-fall. Grey was spread out in a move and peeled off. I do not remember seeing or hearing holds break, but it is possible. He came to rest in the moat at the bottom of the east face. Greys partner was able to down climb after a bit. He descended back down to camp with another team that was helping post-accident. I am proud of all the folks up on the hill that day. Good decision was made, with safety and compassion driving them. Greys partner did a great job, he kept his composer in very difficult situation that prevented adding more risk to the situation. I am sorry for our fallen brother. May the sweet vibrations of the universe bring peace to those who are grieving.
  2. Stoked to have my handle back!
  3. Mt Hood climber Fall Today?

  4. Mt Hood climber Fall Today?

    Conditions were perfect. I did not see or hear any rock or ice fall that may have led to the accident. Down at the bottom of the fall was a different story. Everything from all the folks above us, the entire west crater / old chute area was coming down on us. Two guys made it down to where I was after a bit and once we decided there was nothing to be done but get out of the fall line, we climbed back up to the Hogsback. I think he just slipped. Landing in such a way he could not get an arrest in before he was going too fast. The accident has been playing in my head on repeat for almost 48 hours now. I am reminded of the consequences at stake. Reminded about how many people are actually involved in a solo climb. Reminded that each day, or step may be the last one. For Mark and his family, I will try much harder to make the most of each day and the steps it brings.
  5. Mt Hood climber Fall Today?

    I witnessed the accident yesterday, and was the first person to reach Mark. It was indeed on the south side. Truly sad. My condolences to his family and friends.
  6. Mt Hood

    Damn Ben, Where have you been all my life. If I ever have a questoin about anything regarding alpinism, I now know someone who has a heaping helping of advice to spew my way! Do you know this much about other mountains?? Or is your experties limited to The SS of Hood??
  7. [TR] Hood - Devil's Kitchen Headwall 4/7/2012

    Ya, no doubt you guys turned around.
  8. looks like a fun trip. Nice work!
  9. [TR] Hood - Devil's Kitchen Headwall 4/7/2012

    the eye healed quickly. That was a wild day..
  10. [TR] Hood - Devil's Kitchen Headwall 4/7/2012

    you a mountain climber stalker?? maybie i did
  11. [TR] Hood - Devil's Kitchen Headwall 4/7/2012

    Wow that sounds f-n sketch! I would like my handle back, but not because you peel off some crazy rotten gnarlyness.
  12. [TR] Mount Hood - Reid Headwall 1/8/2012

    Wow, several near-misses in the same thread! Sketch!
  13. NTN

    Looking for some info on the New Tele Norm system. It looks like the system is releasable, but not DIN rated? Anyone have thoughts on the interface? Cheers, BenB
  14. Bulo Point

    I was able to enjoy the new parking area last week. Thanks and nice work. Those are some waterbars.... more like table-tops. Makes me laugh that the USFS deems them necessary over on the dry side of the hill.
  15. Left the summit about 01:00. SW Chutes 01:30- 01:45