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  1. 5 volcanoes in 5 days

    Well, when I heard about this being attempted you could still climb St. Helens so yes St. Helens does (did) count.
  2. 5 volcanoes in 5 days

    I remember hearing about a group that attempted all of Washington's volcanoes in 5 days. Does anyone know if this has actually been done?
  3. I did this route a few years ago and we didn't bring a hammer or any pitons. Here's our gear list: 1 set HB brass offsets 2 sets stoppers (3-4 of the smaller sizes) 2 sets cams (mix of BD and Metolious) 1 cam hook 1 BD talon 1 cliff hanger Maybe some hexes but I can't remember The "upside down sideways camhook" I actually did that toward the top of the second pitch. Scared the hell out of me. We got to M&M ledge around midnight on that trip, taking a 25 foot whipper 5 feet from the ledge.
  4. I'm short on time (just had a kid) and really want to get Shuksan NF done. Does anyone have an idea if it's doable in a day? Both my partner and I are strong, fast climbers, but neither of us have done the route (partner has done Fisher Chimneys, so we've got the descent covered). Any thoughts or beta are welcome. Thanks!
  5. Trip Idea

    Good idea, but the plane tickets are already paid for... Oh well, maybe next time
  6. mt home, Idaho

    You should blaze up to the Sawtooths and climb the Elephants Perch. I think it's 7 pitches of 5.7-5.9, and some kick ass scenery to boot. It's about a 3.5 hour drive from Boise to get to Redfish lake.
  7. Trip Idea

    Hey all, I need some help in planning a climbing trip to the Cascades. I've lived in Seattle all my life, but recently moved to Ketchum, Idaho. Well, I'll be back in town the first weekend of June and want to climb something. Do you think the following trip would be possible to do in two-three days: Friday night - hike into Dragontail Peak Saturday morning - Climb Dragontail via the fin (carrying overnight gear) Saturday afternoon - hike over to Prussik Peak Sunday morning - climb Prussik SF Sunday afternoon - hike out (and if we're superfast, blaze up Outerspace) Sunday evening - pick up the car at the other trailhead, drink beers at Uncle Uli's Well, what do you think, is it in the realm of possibility? It's either that or Liberty Ridge. Thanks for the help
  8. Test

    Just seeing how the vote thing works.
  9. The Sawtooths

    In two weeks I'll be moving to Ketchum, Idaho. I'm wondering if anyone knows of good climbs over there? I'm a bit nervous leaving the cascades behind. Thanks!
  10. Rainier in April

    I've only done the route once, but I think the word "ledges" is a misnomer. It was more walking on steep scree and volcanic rock than anything else. I never felt like I was on a "ledge". As other people have said it's a don't fall situation and I wouldn't rope up as there is really no way to protect the route. That said, I felt that anyone with reasonable scrambling skills and balance could handle the route no problem. About the skis, if the Ingraham is in shape I'd be inclined to take my skis up via Gib Ledges and ski down the Ingraham. Scott
  11. Luvn'For Thin Finger

    Right, "Thin Fingers approach" is considered the first pitch. Now I'm no 5.11 leader, but I've top roped Thin Fingers on a couple occasions, I find "Breakfast of Champions" at .10a to be harder than Thin Fingers. Does anyone else think that Thin Fingers is a bit over-rated? The start of the "second pitch" is tough, but the guide rates that 10d, while the upper portion of the crack is rated 11a (or b). I don't think it feels like 11 at all. Maybe Breakfast of Champions is underrated? Comments?
  12. This rope is brand new and still in the bag.
  13. 5.10 Mocasyms size 8.5. Boreal Vector size 10. They feel more like a 9. $50 per pair. Each pair has been resoled once, by Dave Page. Apparently my feet grew since I started running