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  1. Wanting to learn to ice and alpine climb

    Eat, Fuck, Consume, Die
  2. Wanting to learn to ice and alpine climb

    Eat, Fuck, Consume, Die
  3. Goat Mtn. waterfall ice

    Thanks, Gonna check it out today.
  4. Goat Mtn. waterfall ice

    I've heard a rumor of waterfall ice on Goat Mtn. Anyone been to it or know where it is. On my Greentrails the northside of Goat Mtn. just south of Twin Lakes is a promising looking gully. Any conformation on that?
  5. Wanting to learn to ice and alpine climb

    Best way to learn is through experience, yes? Many courses are great but they cost a fortune and it's their schedule not yours. I'm a relative beginner on vertical ice, but I'm gaining confidence by using a bombproof toprope and trial and error with technique. There is plenty of literature on the subject, but nothing is better than experience. I'd be happy to share what I know and learn more with ya. PM me.
  6. I'm taking time off...

  7. N. Cascades

    Very interested as no takers for me today. I'll check back, Fri. might be my first available day.
  8. Mt. Fury or Shuksan NOW! Who's game?

    Obviously will be changing return date to accomodate you Oh wait was that an offer for a partner or were you just talking shit? I only have to be back for work.... There will be work when I get back. Priorities ya know.
  9. I'm taking time off...

    So cut the bickering ladies who will show their gnar gnards and join me up Shuksan, Baker, or ... Fury NOW! So Mr. time off, JUMP punk. Whats yer pleasure...my leisure no doubt.
  10. I'm leaving for Whatcom Pass today at 1 or 2 . Mt. Fury while I'm there if someone will join me. If it's to short of notice for Fury a quicker trip to Mt. Shuksan is sweet too. Reply now or call @ (360)-714-1372 Forest
  11. Jefferson 8- 22/23

    Jeff Park Glacier? What mountain? Region?
  12. Climb volcano next week?

    I'm ready to rock tomorrow 8/17 afternoon for Baker or Shuksan? Do you mean 8/17 or 8/24? Give me a call tonight till 11 or in the morning till12 after that I'm in the mountains. Call to meet and discuss alternatives. (360)714-1372
  13. I'm wanting to go coleman/deming, easton is ok, I'm not skiing though. Leave tomorrow around 1 from Bellingham or late tomorrow night 11 or 12? only window till next week
  14. I'm looking for one or two folks ready to rock Baker or Shuksan starting tomorrow aft. for overnight, or late evening for an all nighter. I must be back by mon. night. I'm 27, in great shape, been climbing since I was a wee lad, fully equipped, and had formal Glacier travel/crevasse rescue training. I've done Baker, Coleman route to summit once, and to the saddle once (turned back by blizzard). Easton route to crater and Easton to summit. Twin sisters both numerous times, many short glacier trips on lower Coleman for training. The North Cascades Alpine is my second home but I want more summits. Please help! Call me @ home (360)-714-1372 or leave PM. I'm ready now, let's go! Forest
  15. Mt. Shuksan route reports?

    I'm lookin to rock Shuksan Monday 18th a.m. just curious if any recent climbs. Whater conditions like etc. I'd like a third in our team, how bout it?