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  1. that's not him hommes... that is "Ian" Distel is not "Ian"
  2. Do we? I thought some people here were just boulderers. shit disturber!
  3. hey hey hey hey! lemme get thsi straight! "beer garden" so this means no stumbling around in the dark pissed out of ya gourds? i have had nothing but bad experiences with these beer gardens... they are more like beer planter boxes...
  4. let's just do a thought experiment. what is our most important interest in the geopolitical control of the middle east? if iraq had no oil, would we have intervened? you know, i know, everybody know the answers to these questions. ergo, the major reason for going to iraq is control of the most important resource on earth over the next 20 years: oil. now there may be other less important reasons but it does not change the above. if iraw was completely unarmed, would we have invaded... nice try ace...
  5. you are seriously delusional if you believe what you wrote. to refresh your memory about the values of mainstream america check out poll results on social issues. you'll find that a large majority of americans are aligned with democrats on issues such as the environment (2/3 say that whatever the cost everything should be done to protect the environment), health care (2/3 say the feds should insure that everyone has health care), and on, and on .... but don't take my word for it, check it out here: http://pollingreport.com/ again this is because bi-partisan politics are antquated... people of the new generations are making their minds abuot individual issues rather then assigning themselves to a given party... obviously this is progress...
  6. how about this... bi-partisan politics is obsolete and it is time to re-think the structure of U.S. politics... but that task is soo daunting that no president or politician is his right mind would try to use thisas his campaign premise...
  7. you can use winamp to convert your cd's to mps format... u can use kazaa to download, but look out for warren hatch!
  8. please please... tell me you dont think it is oil... No, it's not about the oil. I agree that we should've gone to Iraq, but not for the fabricated BS reasons given by Bush to convince the American public and the international community. I don't know what the reason was, but I'm sure it's not any of the official reasons. I just want a straight answer--the truth. Hell, if they said, 'We don't like the way he smiles', it would've been a good enough reason for me. A lot of 'patriotric' Americans praise this administration for their straight talk, take-no-shit, non-PC approach; but I feel Iraq was one big deception. coo dog
  9. the zip? what are the options there? 10a hands or 12a face? i'm scared to ask how many routes you did there? mabe there are others or mabe you just got way bigger ballz than i do...
  10. are you saying the inverse is true? there are conservatives that dont like in oklahoma... as i stated earlier, the only thing you see when you hear conservative is king of the hill... reality is not a TV show... the new copnservatives are not tied to partisan politics which their predecessors are... i am of this new generation... example: i am for gun control, i am against abortion, i am for green issues, i am against bigger millitary. though you all say that you make up your minds for you, your parties actually do this fo you... why is it that such a large percentage either embraces the warm embrace of all of the conservative ideals or those of the liberals? this seems ridiculous and yet you still say you have an open mind! pshaw!
  11. i got teh day off... PM me!
  12. article on Harleys in this months Smithsonian ... 40% of owners have annual income over $75,000 ... that's the level of dirtbaggin I could handle they used to be for dirtbags, but what self respectin dirt bag could ever own one of those???
  13. are you suggesting that conservatives are anti-semitic? if not, the only reason you believe that liberals are more educated is that they go to anti-war rallies and promote gun control? either way i look at this it makes little sense... either you are implying conservatives are all of these things or it is just a random compilation of things well read people do...
  14. x'cept if you do that, there wont be any free beer
  15. work at 4:30 getting the benjamins tho!
  16. Just so you know - Monday is a statutory holiday on this side of the border, so don't expect to hear much until Tuesday, probably. As you've seen first-hand, we take our holidays pretty seriously up here
  17. no... i had the greatest saying... totally untranslatable... and i have mental blue balls for not using it!
  18. Yo Fence. I grew up in Michigan. damnit english... you as in plural you... was adressing washingtonians as a whole... Я иду от него
  19. Are you asking a question, or can you show facts to support this arrogant statement? I strongly disagree. only if you mean well read as someone who reads the stranger
  20. i dont think so... mabe in state schools, where many of conservatives are not in attendance because they attend private schools... this may account for the apparent discrepancy. i think you are generalizing the conservatives as a bunch of 'king of the hill" types adn in reality they are not... get this... they are just like you they jsut have different viewpoints. i think if you weren't grown up in the N.W. things might be different... many of you are from here and this state is muuuch different than eastern and especailly central states... perspective!
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