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  1. MSR stove question

    If you think there is an issue with the stove ship it to MSR, guarenteed for life. www.msrgear.com The will repari or replace the stove.
  2. Tetons footwear

    Check out the Garmont Towers. Confortable for the approach and the great to climb with.
  3. Ted of Talkeetna

    Try TAT and see if he is there. I know he was heading to Nepal some time this fall. Cheers
  4. WTB Sleeping Pads

    Use a 72" long (regular) ridgerest and a 47" long(short)prolite 3 pad in the winter. This combo is warm and comfortable. Yea the bulk sucks but if you sleep better it is worth it. In the summer use the short prolite 3 only and a pack under you feet.
  5. MSR MIOX water purifier

    Hey guys, if anyone ever wants to borrow one let me know. I am one of the MSR reps here in the northwest. I have a couple I can loan out. The whole system is pretty smooth and easy to use. I does take up to 4 hours if crypto is an issue. In all other cases 30 minutes is all you need. Best uses are for large groups or someone that is good at monitoring their water use. Drop me an email if anyone wants to borrow one. I will need some type of deposit just so it doesn't walk off. Patrick - jopcook at yahoo dot com
  6. Garmont Cruiser telemark boot

    As far as I know Garmont is not importing this boot into the states. The only leather boot being brought in is the Tour. You might find someone with old stock in the states or Canada that's about it. Cheers
  7. Made in the USA?

    MSR, Thermarest, Seal Line, Platypus, plus some of the OR (Outdoor Research) products are all made in Seattle
  8. bowline in a bight for anchor system?

    The system works with a bowline on a bight, or a triple bowline. The down side is that if any of the anchor points failed or if the line was cut at an anchor point the system fails.
  9. Pack for board

    Look at the Osprey Switch 25+5. Works great for a board and it carries well. http://ospreypacks.com/switch_25+5.htm
  10. Go with Garmont boots. They fit a medium to low volume foot great. I have a pair of GTX Towers and they climb snow/ice/rock great. The only down side is you might need to purchase a new crampon if you have step-ins. The boot takes a hybrid, strap toe, style crampon. http://gusa.site.yahoo.net/g1088212.html
  11. Free: used ropes

    I would like to take one of those ropes. I could use new dock lines for my boat. I will drop you a pm. Thanks, PC
  12. Expedition Stove

    The new XGK will be on the market in early May, 2005. Check your local shops, Feathered Friends, Second Ascent, Pro Mtn Sports, Leavenworth Mtn Sports, American Alpine Inst.
  13. help I'm lost!

    Go to US Outdoor and ask for a guy named Gavin. He might know of some places to go. Cheers
  14. Exel ski pole parts

    Try Marmot in Bellevue. If that doesn't work try Karhu, they are the new distributor for Exel.
  15. Socks

    Bridgedale Summit Sock or the AT Boot Plus. Best socks on the market by far. And with a 3 year guarantee this puts them over the top.
  16. Betamid vs. BetaLite...

    Check out the Twin Peaks by MSR.
  17. Ideas for the weekend

    A good weekend for sailing. It is PSSC out at Shilshole. Fun Fun......... Lots of beer and other party favors.
  18. Red Rocks?

    I am going to be there from Oct 25th thru the 29th. I might be down for some long multipitch routes. I am going there with my gal and she is not into the long routes, a little over her head. Sounds like we climb at a similar level. Drop me a line and let me know what you are thinking. patrick(at)summitsalesnw(dot)com
  19. Ice Mitts/Gloves?

    Check out the OR Women line on orgear.com Also OR makes a great glove system called the Dry Ice glove. The removable liner is similar to the Moto called the Mix work glove around sold seperatly for $69.
  20. http://www.nols.edu/wmi/ This is the company that NOLS is affliated with. Give them a try. Cheers
  21. Shovel for Ice tool

    Black Diamond was the company that made the ice axe shovel. I have one and it works OK, not a very big blade. I'm pretty sure they don't produce it anymore. You might give them a ring in Salt Lake or try bdel.com Cheers
  22. Marmot makes a Dry-Climb wind pant with full side zips.
  23. who uses WiFi???

    WiFi is the bomb. I love it. I use my laptop at home, on the road, and at the office, all locations have WiFi. The mobility is great. It is super easy to find free hotspots on the road. I am a sales rep and my territory is Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washingto, and Alaska. I have no problem searching the web for free hotspots.
  24. Light boots on Rainier

    I have used the Towers. They worked good. My toes were a bit cold in the morning. After walking a bit my toes heated up and were happy. I slept with my boots in the tent and the insoles in my sleeping bag. Also had a nice fresh pair of socks for the summit. I beleive we climbed in early May, Gib Ledge route. Cheers
  25. short/trail gaiters

    Look at the OR Flex-Tex lows. Fit great and are super durable. http://orgear.com/home/style/home/gaiters/gaiters_low/61050