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  1. Hey all! Just curious if anyone hit The Brothers this weekend and if so, what were the conditions? i.e.- snow level, snow conditions, etc. If you could please e-mail me direct at finallyfoundit@comcast.net , I would surely appreciate any info. Thanks!
  2. Yes, both pair of boots are a size 43. Cheers!
  3. I believe they are a 43, or a men's 9.5, but I will find out for sure.
  4. Hi All! My husband is selling 2 pairs of boots on CL for $100 each. They are in great shape! Check them out if you are looking for a good used pair. His contact info is in the CL ad. Cheers! http://seattle.craigslist.org/spo/151679567.html http://seattle.craigslist.org/spo/151677645.html
  5. Has anyone been ice cragging on the Baker seracs recently? Just wondering how they are right now. I would like to plan a weekend up there, but want to go when the time is right. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Icefall, if you are being sincere then there are plenty of resources here in Seattle. Pencil Pusher had some amazing ideas on getting work. There is a hostel in downtown Seattle, http://www.hiseattle.org/rooms.htm. Also, The Salvation Army can house you very cheap and provide cheap meals, $2.00 for breakfast and lunch, $3 for dinner. They can help you on many fronts and they are great people there. I have done some volunteer work with them. It's going to be hard not having friends and family to go to in town, but the resources you have here are amazing. Plus there are a ton of food banks as well. But just don't sleep on the street. I see people every day do this and it is not a good way to live. I knew this gal who lived in her van for a year. She had a good job and joined a health club so she had a place to shower until she had enough money for an apartment. Just keep up the good attitude. Check with the Unemployment office in Seattle. They have tons of job listings as well.
  7. Just got done from a day of mt. biking up near exit 38 on Sunday, driving out to I-90 and my husband and I see this big ass cat (bobcat? lynx?) running down the road. It was black or dark brown, tail about six inches long and pretty damn big ass paws! He was about the size of a meduim size dog. Has anyone seen any wildcats in that area? Any idea what kind of wildcat it could be? It was beautiful!
  8. We probably won't get to do this route until next year. By then, he will have done many trad routes. His first trad route was last summer. Since then we've done a lot more stuff. I'm not worried - he's taken to climbing completely and is quite the natural.
  9. we haven't decided yet when we are going to go. We also want to do trips to City of Rocks and The Needles, so who knows when we could get on Whitney.
  10. Right now I am just gathering beta. We are puting the classic 5.6 route on the E. Face on the wish list. I taught my boyfriend to climb last summer - but he has only done sport routes so far. The 2 trad routes, Super Slab & Spiderman at Smiffy, that I took him up as an intro to trad, were kinda freaky to him so I want to do a nice easy route up Whitney. I haven't gotten a guidebook yet and was hoping to get some good info from folks who may have climbed it. I love exposure, so for me that's not a problem. However, I wasn't sure how many pitches the easy route has or if you could even do it in a day. I guess I will just pick up a guidebook to get the info I need. But I always like to get info first from fellow climbers.
  11. So, this has probably already been done, but what climbs or summits have you done the "dirty deed" on? I got this idea from something I read that kenp wrote about doing on the Tooth. I too have had my fun on the Tooth, but it wasn't with him! Come on people, tell us!
  12. Anyone done the E. Face of Whitney? Tell me all! Thinking of doing it, but no one I know has done it. A little beta would be appreciated. Even just an opinion would be nice.
  13. I am one of MANY poor souls who had an unexpected bivy on the W. Ridge of Mt. Stuart. A sudden storm blew in - it was nasty.
  14. Yeah, I have actually climbed the traverse and the basic route and it was so many years ago that I did the basic route, I just couldn't remember if we roped up. We roped up on the traverse though. I want to take me boyfriend up The Brothers, he's only rockclimbed and done some hiking and scrambling. I was planning on not taking a rope because I thought it was easy and there was no need for one. But our housemate psyched him out with tales of how steep it is. He roped up when he climbed it. Made it sound like a big epic. But he is always a little on the dramatic side. Since I have climbed the basic route several times, albeit 4-6 years ago, I think there's nothing to it. Thanks for the input.
  15. Okay, stupid question but, is the Brothers a snowfield or a glacier. Do people usually rope up on the basic route? Anyone know for sure?
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