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  1. At least Bill blew the curve, so my meager rack doesn't look quite so small next to the rest by comparison. Also, Hendershot, your sister is hot.
  2. badvoodoo


    My god, they've managed to sum up the corporate managerial thought process on a wallet-sized card. Probably helps the ones that have been in the biz a while get past question 1.
  3. Hey rmncwrtr! Life is at the moment a bit weather-dampened, but hoping to get on some sweet local limestone soon enough.
  4. you assume that logic was involved...ha! women have a sixth sense for this kind of thing. for reals. "I see insane women. They're everywhere. They don't know they're insane."
  5. Long time, minx. Still hot and crazy as always, I presume.
  6. Because Bigfoot puts out every time.
  7. Perfect, that and TopoZone got me what I needed. Thanks!
  8. I'm looking to summit Diamond Peak this weekend, but finding info on it to be a bit scarce. Any beta source recommendations or condition info to be had?
  9. I don't understand how people can still be so oblivious about things like emo. With the media and internet practically force-feeding info to us, even the most blissfully ignorant soccer mom should've at least heard the term by now.
  10. Which is my point. I'd feel better about state-sponsored programs teaching people how to aim than legalizing automatic weapons.
  11. Get with the times, Pax; guys these days are wearing lacy white camisoles for their hardman activities.
  12. Only if cars were made exclusively for running into things and destroying them. A car can be used as a weapon. A chair can be used as a weapon. A gun IS a weapon, and nothing else. To deny someone their car could deny them their livelihood. To deny someone an automatic weapon in a lawful country with regulated enforcement would merely deny them their hobby. Luxury rights are fine, but lets not compare them to the right to support yourself and your family.
  13. badvoodoo


    Why is RuMR not weighing in on a thread practically tailor-made for him? Did he grow while I was away?
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