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  1. Rob, Make a reservation - you are traveling on a busy route at a busy time. Google the Rainier climbing page and follow the instructions.You should not need snow shoes. Wait for good weather and travel light to the summit. Divide up the emergency gear (bag stove etc.) and you will still have a light pack. Good luck, Jack
  2. Hi Folks, I'm looking for opinions on footwear for approach and routes up to and including 5.7 on The Grand, Teewinot, and Owen. Thanks, Jack
  3. I've never been one to really hang it out there, so I don't worry that I'm going to "leave" my family climbing. With young kids at home it's almost impossible to get out. But as the years go by I think it will be important to keep climbing. It's important to me and all of my friends are climbers. Climbing has had such a huge positive impact on my life. I want my kids to grow up seeing that I'm doing what is important to me and to be exposed to outdoor adventure and comradery(sp?).
  4. "All ice climbing is aid, crampons,tools its all the same." So it's toenails and teeth to climb ice in style? Do you climb rock naked?
  5. Heat may increase the amount of BPA leaching out of the polycarbonate bottles.
  6. What does carrying that much weight with your arms do to your back?
  7. JackY


    I had tickets to see him in Pittsburgh, it was 86' or 87', and he didn't show up - very disappointing. Now that I'm old I listen to NPR.
  8. Makes sense that solubility is greater in alkaline pH. Do you know what the mechanism is for migration from the polycarbonate to solution with water?
  9. North Conway, NH Perhaps not the best in the country but worthy of mention. Acres of high quality granite overlooks the town. There are also some high end ice routes on the same cliff with spectacular ice at all levels less than 30 minutes away. Within 2 hours of a large sport climbing area and an exciting (read loose) alpine wall. Weather? Well it is New England. The Mount Washington valley is a beautiful place. Small town but very colorful, lots of local character, good food and music for a small town. One draw back are the tourists. Also, skiing, cycling, and paddling. Employment may be a problem however.
  10. I was there in late season so I don't know if this will help. I also only skied lift serve. Kirkwood was great, lots of cool terrain, and elevation that may be important for early season. It also looked like lots of BC potential on the drive from South Lake Tahoe. We also skied Mt Rose, enjoyable but less terrain -again the high elevation may help with early season.
  11. M10s with the front points offset.
  12. Another left right shouting match. What's the point?
  13. Global warming is a hoax, just like the moon landings.
  14. Currently working my way thruogh Dark Ages America. It's a very interestring history lesson and a sobering look at where we've been and where we may be headed.
  15. Are there any potential problems with belaying off an in-line eight? For example: Leader tops-out, walk back to a tree, sling the tree, clip the rope through the slings, walks back to the cliff edge, grab both strands and tie an in-line eight, belay from the resulting loop with a munter or reverso etc. Thanks, Jack
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