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  1. Hotel at Rainier

    Hi all Does anyone know of a cheap decent hotel/lodge/motel somewhat close to Rainier. The NP Inn is 100/night and I thought that was little bit to much when all I am looking for is a bed and maybe a shower. Thanks
  2. Snow in southern Oregon

    My plans are to use snowshoes and hike the 3 miles from the gate to the trailhead on Rd 3650. From that point on I will use Compass and GPS to find the mountain. I was there last year about this time but then it was only a foot or so of snow
  3. Snow in southern Oregon

    I am thinking about taking the trip south to Mt McLaughlin this weekend but I am not to sure about the snow conditions and avalanche danger in the area From photos it looks like it would be pretty safe as long as I stay on the ridge. Anyone have any fresh info or otherwise useful input? The park service reports that there is 6 feet of snow at the gate where 3650 and Hwy 140 meet. Thanks Jorgen
  4. Finding the ideal tent

    Hilleberg have some decent tents that are a pretty good compromise for alround use
  5. Cheney shoots hunter...really

    Am I the only one thinking that the reason it took almost 24h to report this is because Dick was drunk, and had to sober up before talking to the police.
  6. Mt Adams info needed

    Just talked to the park ranger and there info is that you can drive to about 10 miles from Morisson creek. Looks like there will be along time before I will see that summit again.
  7. Mt Adams info needed

    So how close to Morrison creek is it possible to drive with a typical 4wd suv?
  8. Resume' this Summer

    I gained 8lbs
  9. Mark Knopfler is my god

    Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan and early Eric Clapton
  10. Things Creationists Hate

    He also likes dogs better then humans, but that was ofcourse expected Roger Scott has discovered that God is a dog’s best friend: Humans must have vitamin C in their diets. Without it they will develop scurvy and eventually die from vitamin C deficiency. Apparently we have a pseudogene for producing vitamin C. Dogs, on the other hand, have the real thing. Their copy of the gene actually works, and they do not need vitamin C in their diets. They make it themselves. Roger speculates that this may show how much more God loves dogs than humans. Being omniscient, God knew in advance that sailors on long sea voyages would suffer terribly, but did nothing about it. God made sure that dogs on these voyages would not suffer. Ships’ mutts were looked after, but not the sailors.
  11. this is so suck

    It stoped raining
  12. this is so suck

    I am stuck at work to but atleast the weather sucks. Hope all you fuckers out there climbing get really soaking wet and cold.
  13. RMI Guide Try-out 2006 questions...

    So what would a good enough time to Muir be for a RMI guide?
  14. My stepfather....

    For a complete analyze of the problem I need to know how old you are E rock?
  15. Micheal Reardon