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  1. Holy smokes, @JasonG—nice work. Those are some seriously fine photos, and it was super fun to connect that Sunday morning. Such a small world! I haven't popped into CC in a very long time, but this was a great TR to step back in for! Hope to cross paths again out there sometime with both you and @Juan Sharp...
  2. This June, nine mountaineers will attempt to become the first all-African-American expedition to summit Denali. Not only is this historic team unique in regards to the color of their skin, but their goal goes way beyond summiting North America’s highest peak. For a long time, the outdoors (and conservation) has been dominated by white males. With minorities set to become the majority of U.S. citizens by 2040 (and only 21% of youth participating in outdoor activities), you don't have to be Nate Silver to see there's a dangerous trend that could have some pretty serious consequences for our wild places. Less awareness and appreciation equals less advocacy. + + + As a climber and a co-worker of the team behind a potential documentary of Expedition Denali (link below), I just wanted to get this out to the climbing community at large and get this on people's radars in general. There's a Kickstarter campaign going on to raise funds to help ensure the message continues to get out there after the climb is over. Take a moment to see what's been done, what's planned, and what the future for this project holds, and if you can help out, please consider backing the Kickstarter project, or sharing it with those who'd be interested. Thanks! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/676871108/expedition-denali-documentary-film/
  3. Just a quick note that I've got a fresh batch of posters if anyone's interested. They're now shipping out of Bozeman, MT - use checkout code "SNAFFLEHOUND" to get 10% off. Sorry for the blatant spam post, but hey, it's the holidays and I gotta unload these things. http://wasa.bigcartel.com [img:center]http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/50092283/P1190091.jpg[/img] [img:center]http://cache1.bigcartel.com/product_images/50092291/P1190090.jpg[/img]
  4. If you'd like to have one in hand before Christmas, today's pretty much the last day to order. (SNAFFLEHOUND gets 10% off at checkout.) Just sayin'. If you've got little ones who aren't quite yet interested in learning the Alphabet, there's also these onesies I did over here: http://www.mountain-mama.com/products/c-is-for-carabiner-onesie
  5. Really cool. Thanks for letting us take a look. Any other details on Ira's photos would be great - will there be any publicly accessible archives?
  6. So I'm finally getting around to this little project of mine and wanted to share the current state of affairs. After putting together a little business card for last years Winter Outdoor Retailer show and getting some great feedback, I've published the darn thing as a nice big 18x24" screen printed poster. I'm selling 'em online right now over at http://wasa.bigcartel.com for $20 and will be shipping 'em out as soon as I get this run finished printing in the next week or so. Take a look and let me know what you think - there's a backpackers, paddlers, and ski/boarding version coming up, as well as a few other bits n pieces. Use the code SNAFFLEHOUND to pull off 10%... Thanks!
  7. We climbed the Bearded Lady, and then Rude Boy, and Why Must I Cry. One of us scurried up the gully route to the right of WMIC but it was all fun. Reminded me of a very rustic Little Si...
  8. To the folks who put Ozone together. We just moved back to the WA side of Portland and I finally made it out there for the first time yesterday. It was just nice to have a crag that was close by and just plain fun. Did three routes with some first-timers who thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and I just grinned myself up the rocks plugging in gear. If anyone needs an early afternoon partner, track me down. I've been lurking on this thing for years, but would love to get out a bit more for what remains of this season before getting out my winter toys...
  9. For whatever reason splitboard.com is now up over at http://www.splitboardlife.com
  10. And if anyone has 0-3 or #5 they can split with, I'll make an offer...
  11. Bum deal. I was just going to check in on their offices now that I'm down here in Wyoming. Missed the party it looks like too. Maybe they can just scale back to newsprint instead of glossy and save a few bucks until things stabilize.
  12. Beautiful shots. I'm going to have to wander a bit over there soon...
  13. Looks like a great intro to Teton climbing. I'll have to show the wife these and see if it piques her interest... I've been looking for a nice moderate alpine-esque adventure for her and this would fit the bill perfectly.
  14. Glad to hear both that everyone survived, AND that there's the potential for some fun suffer-fest shots...
  15. Wow. Thanks for writing this up - great shots, great story.
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