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  1. Re-read your post, it doesn't make sense in some spots. I've had the Advisor for a year now, and love it. And the band isn't that hard to remove in my opinion. I've never used a Polar, so I can't comment on those.
  2. Backpackers does it for free, but then you have to drive down to Tacoma, which probably costs more than that $20 you'd spend at Sturtevants.
  3. Shaun, I am the one who sold you those boots, definitly come back in, I'll make sure I'm there and I'll take care of you. Unfortunatly we have some new people working at the shop that sort of took on a few things they shouldn't have (like thermo molding without proper training). While we certainly appreciate the enthusiasm, it isn't how we want things run there. I think we have the issue worked out and are setting up a better program to get everyone on the same page. I'll be in this week on Thursday and Friday, then again Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Hope to see you, and sorry for the mistake. Aaron
  4. I am one of the few people without a digital camera, so I have to get my pictures put on a CD then posted up here. I'll try to have them by tomorrow for those of you looking at the Adams Glacier. We heard a lot of stuff falling up there during the night, so we probably need some nice cold weather to help settle it out.
  5. Climb: Mt Adams-North Ridge Date of Climb: 5/24/2005 Trip Report: My brother and I drove out to the Divide Camp trailhead on Monday. Our orginal intent was to check out the Adams Glacier, if that wasn't looking good then over to the Lava Glacier Headwall, and if all else failed go up the North Ridge. After we arrived at the base of the mountain (the approach is solid, boot tracks most of the way, and only like three postholes) the Adams Glacier didn't look in for us. Climbers with a little more experience would probably love it, but this being our first big trip of the year we decided to move over towards the ridge and headwall. We set up camp, and enjoyed some good food and jokes before crawling into our bags. We woke up at 3am with the intention of getting the route started under the full moon. When we came out of our tent, the view was unlike anything I have ever seen. Adams, Helens, and Rainier were lit up like beacons by the moon. Probably one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. We started over towards the Headwall, but crossed the North Ridge at a point where we would have had to drop pretty far down to get back on the Lava Glacier. The wind was blowing pretty hard, and my watch was reading 0 degrees celcius, and that was on my wrist. So, we decided to take the easy way out and just continue up the ridge. I have descended the ridge later in the summer when it is the dirty choss pile, but right now is it covered in snow and actually was pretty fun to climb I thought. We moved on up to the summit rim, then the demoralizing summit hike across that white desert. Getting back down was easy, and we hiked out and made it home in time for dinner. A great trip, though I got pretty sunburnt. Gear Notes: We only needed crampons and an ice ax. Approach Notes: The trail had snow over a lot of it, but again was easy to pass over. Getting to both the Killen Creek and Divide Trail can be a little muddy, the road (2329) is in good enough shape, but I was happy to have a higher clearance pick up truck.
  6. Hey I was just up there yesterday. I am going to post a TR here in a sec, but basically the Adams Glacier looked alright. The approach is easy from Divide camp. You have to move through some soft snow, but not much postholing or anything like that. We heard some major stuff breaking and falling in the ice fall up there though, so I'm not sure if it is where you want to go. And if you are scared, you shouldn't go. Just go up the Killen Creek trail and do the north ridge, which is snowed over and fun this time of year.
  7. I'll be up on that side of the mountain soon, I'll let you know what I see.
  8. Anyone have any info on the N Side, getting out to Killen Cr? I called a ranger the other day, and that guy must have been having a bad day because he was less than helpful.
  9. hendorama


    Can anyone give me some ideas of whether or not this is a good trip this time of year? We were thinking the North Peak, either the south face or east ridge, just looking for any good info. Gracias.
  10. Hey anyone know if it is possible to ski up to the tooth and do a little climbing up there? Someone mentioned it to me the other day, but I wasn't sold on the conditions being great so I thought I'd ask around here.
  11. So this might be random, but I figured there are so many smart people on this site maybe someone would have some info. Does anyone know of any local charity organizations or non profit groups or programs or something that helps in getting kids into the outdoors for "therapy" type things? Any info you might have would be great.
  12. Hey, just wondering if anyone could share some info on Fortress and even Chikamin. I just saw that someone was asking about the glacier there, but I was more curious about Fortress though I think we'll cruise up around both. Our plan is climb somewhere on the North side and I saw two options in Beckey, so if anyone has a suggestion it would be cool to hear.
  13. hendorama


    So here is another question. A buddy was telling me that when it rains, he just goes hooking on routes he likes. But it seems like the hooks could damage holds more often and all that good stuff...so is that bad form?
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