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  1. Too many Matts

    ...He didn't have the guts to fart!
  2. Too many Matts

    Why did the skeleton burp?
  3. snowboarders?

    Tele takes five years to learn; boarding takes five days. I gave up tele for boarding.
  4. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    [ 03-18-2002: Message ignored ]
  5. Where's the beer guzzling tomorrow?

    quote: Originally posted by rodeo: Hey Jon, that dance that AlpineK is gonna do, is that anything like the moondance that sexual_chocolate made famous a few months ago? (--Climb on,,, Careful what you wish for, rodeo! You might just get the real thang straight from the source. I just saw sexy's name on the list of Lurkers Online just a couple of hours ago.
  6. attaching slings to protection

    One solution is for you to use biners when you lead, and let your partner use the girth hich when he leads, and see who lives longer.
  7. Workout Times

    As I said in the other thread, I prefer mornings. I'm at the gym before 6:00AM and get out of there just as the pre-workday rush descends upon the gym. Besides, I like to get my workout done before I wake up.
  8. attaching slings to protection

    Some are of the opinion that the wires on the nuts tend to saw through slings when weighted or especially shock-loaded. And as you said, they're a pain to untie.
  9. Where's the beer guzzling tomorrow?

    Save room for the 8:30 post-NPS forum rush.
  10. Bowflex

    quote: Originally posted by nolanr: Courtenay, Agreed, except I couldn't do much better for $0. My roomie bought it, nothing out of my pocket. A few years ago I worked out at a gym right next to where I used to work on my lunch breaks. In addition to not wanting to fork over the $$$, there's nowhere nearby where I work now for the lunch hour thing, and there's no way in hell I'm getting up BEFORE work to workout, and I won't fight the approx. 5:00 to 7:00 after work crowd, and after dinner I'm generally lazy. So that leaves no good time to workout at a gym. I haven't tried oiling up yet Bronco. So you think maybe the guy in the commercial didn't get a physique like that from using the Bowflex? Yer missin' out, dude. I feel like I'm revealing a deep secret by saying that you should join the 5:00 to 7:00 BEFORE work crowd - or lack thereof. Best time to go. [ 03-18-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ]
  11. what does "BTW" mean?

    Bite The Whale
  12. what REALLY happened to Capt. caveman

    I have a feeling this is headed for spray... (Looks like someone else already did.)
  13. what does "BTW" mean?

    Burn The Witch
  14. what REALLY happened to Capt. caveman

    I hear he didn't make bail.
  15. Where's the beer guzzling tomorrow?

    Those of us that go to the NPS forum can take notes and some digital photos, do a little graphic work, then do a powerpoint presentation at the Owl and Thistle. Just make sure they have a powerpoint projector and a PA system available. (Travelling mikes, please.) I'm sure that all of the patrons there will enjoy the presentation.
  16. Where's the beer guzzling tomorrow?

    I'd go, but I'm going to the dicussion of the fate of the mount rainier national park at the mountaineers building tomorrow. If the pub club is nearby, or between the mountaineers and my home I may stop by. (It'd be a lot easier if I knew where it was. I may just stop at all the bars between downtown and my place just to check.)
  17. does glucosamine work?

    Thanks for all the info everyone. Most of what I've heard about it (outside of this site) is either positive or neutral. Doctors seem quite non-commital - I interpret their responses about it as not much more than a shrug. Just wondering if any other climber/hiker/skier/snowshoer/etc. types out there have had luck with it. Thanks again.
  18. REI garage sale

    [ 03-18-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ]
  19. REI garage sale

    quote: Originally posted by setnei:[QB]It's a frickin' garage sale... what else were they going to do with all that crap? [QB] No kidding - you're doing them a favor getting rid of the junk that's clogging their warehouse. [ 03-18-2002: Message edited by: lizard brain ]
  20. Club Pub, Oslo

    P.S. I'm in Seattle, and I'm drunk too!
  21. Club Pub, Oslo

    Hvor i Norge er du? I hvor lenge har du Vaert i Norge? Er du der for a jobbe eller paa tur? Heija paa Norge!! Har det bra!
  22. Question: moderators and spray

    What's wrong with using your real name on the internet? I do it all the time.
  23. Question: moderators and spray

    Just be happy it still exists, everyone!
  24. Sleeping pads for cold weather

    Two plain ol' Bluefoam pads - One full-length, and the other 3/4-length. Works for me.
  25. Carabiners is really light is right

    Been switchin' to Kong Heliums. Love the keygate. Almost as light as Neutrinos (but more expensive - you get what you pay for).