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  1. climb ice in norway

    email me at the above address. im flying into oslo on december 21 and just found out today that some of my norwegian friends are pretty psyched on climbing. and they have a car... come on out and join us. ive only climbed in norway in the summer (ie never been waterfall climbing there) so i dont really have any set objectives. i hear rjukan and hemsdal are nice, and i hear the falls in rjukan are very well-formed at the moment, although perhaps a bit brittle because of the recent cold snap. other than that, im planning on just wingin it - always works.
  2. climb ice in norway

    if anyone is rich, spontaneous, and feeling like spending the holidays ice climbing in norway email me ASAP at toddmiller75@hotmail.com and we can meet up and go climbing. im in france again till may, then back to b-ham. been to chamonix enough lately, southern alps ice is not quite in yet, and hear the conditions are pretty good in rjukan, etc. cant get anyone around here to go so i thought id try you all. so lets go - email me and we'll go climb some ice in norway. nice - see you there!
  3. Ice tools for sale

    1 pair grivel light machines w/picks adze/hammer $250 o.b.o. 1 pair black diamond cobras w/picks 2 hammers $350 o.b.o. im in bellingham till 9/17. email at toddmiller75@hotmail.com
  4. Partner need Thursday-Saturday

    youre not the eric johnson i climbed with in chamonix are you? from south carolina? if so, email me at toddmiller75@hotmail.com cheers, todd

    is the road to cheam peak drivable? if there is more than one, im talking about the one that goes towards spoon lake. cheers.
  6. Goran Kropp

    you probably have a point there dru. i was with one of my norwegian partners and some of his swedish friends and i asked them what they thought of goran. they all started laughing and i asked why. "hmmm, you see, he is not very well liked" the other one pipes in, "yah, he ees an asshole and full of sheeet" these guys were good people and decent climbers, so i figure they must have had some good reasons for saying that...
  7. Good water ice and Mixed boot?

    really?! when?
  8. Restoration

    in all seriousness, could someone explain to me what the hell is going on? people seem pretty pissed about bolts. its been a few years - what areas, other than vantage, are so blatantly over-bolted?
  9. Good water ice and Mixed boot?

    there is a fancy new boot from montrail (yes montrail) coming out one of these days. its sold as a set with the crampon. the crampon has some three point attachment system (toe and heel of course, and one in the midsole) that makes the boots stiff for climbing, and comfortable for approaches without the crampon on. they claim it has some funky lacing system that gives a glove-like fit AND promotes good circulation. havent used em yet - seen em and read all about em - they look pretty nice, and have definitely had some thought put into them. guess we'll have to wait for them to hit the market and then see...
  10. Nice Peak Pic ...

    DRU, is there a guidebook with this peak in it? im moving up there and the only BC guide i have is alpine select...need ideas. cheers.
  11. Dru? Don Serl? (anyone else?)

    thanks to everyone for your replies - especially dave - if we ever happen to cross paths, youve earned a pint or two... but thanks to everyone again - lots of good information.
  12. Dru? Don Serl? (anyone else?)

    yup, already checked that out - doesnt say much. but thanks just the same.
  13. Dru? Don Serl? (anyone else?)

    sorry to single you guys out, but ive been trying to get info on mt sir. sandford and figured you guys would be the ones who might know about it. i tried a post titled "mt. sir sandford" and didnt get any responses. i have an old american alpine club "guide to the columbia mountains" and its description of the approach is kind of vague. do either of you (or anyone else) know if there is a newer guidebook available or have any experiences/tips that you could share? cheers.
  14. Washing a Rope

    marcus engley, ive tried the nikwax wash-in dry treatment once on an ice trip in the canadian rockies. i dont think it was worth the effort. it does help a little, but after a few rappels, you start to notice this white residue on your gloves, and the rope quickly becomes just as absorbent as it was before.
  15. More good quotes?

    "If you cant find something to live for, you'd best find something to die for." -2PAC