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  1. yosemite in september

    DIE DIRTY HIPPIE!!! you know you want it [ 06-20-2002, 11:33 AM: Message edited by: rayborbon ]
  2. Parents' Nightmare

    I would eat them and make new ones!
  3. Rush Limbaugh ? trad or sport climber?

    If Rush LImbaugh could drink 1/10th of the beer i accidently drink, then he might qaulify as being a wannabe. I know of only a few people who are wannbe's. Drul will you please stand up! Syzkowski will you please stand up! If my tights still fit, I would a sport climber too!!
  4. War Of ThE avatars

    I propose the avatar trade! Post with an avatar you want to trade then someone send the PM with another they have to offer. Who wants to be rayborbon?
  5. Who will own the Stanley Cup this year?

    No Mountaineers trip Schryer. Go DETROIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Spray and slander

    Please email password
  7. Climbing pants

    Climb naked. But if you really need pants get those ss styled ones to go with a nice shirt like this one
  8. Who will own the Stanley Cup this year?

  9. Spray and slander

    All my passwords are one of two options. Someone changed it then. No worry I will create new avatars
  10. Spray and slander

    Hey Greg, Tell your wife to quit sending me her photos. I am definitely not interested.
  11. Spray and slander

    That is ok we know Mueller cant climb anyway.
  12. Spray and slander

    They keep censoring and taking away my avatars. I have a few secret ones that are not known still. Must use them rarely though!
  13. Spray and slander

    You forgot about me
  14. Snow Creek Wall

    Mitchosaurus, Sounds like fun. Ticks are my friends! I saw 4 of them Falcons last Saturday coming from Noon Time rock. Pretty amazing and loud. Looks like a successful nesting has occured there. Perhaps if they are nesting on Snow Creek Wall then maybe the climbing area could get closed?
  15. How 'bout those Mariners?

    CJ, The only guy that I would be worried about is Bertuzzi (sp) I think Chelios has a stick for him though