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  1. [TR] Alpental Valley- Source Lake 1/14/2006

    Hey were you the solo guy who came up on us and helped break trail, then the boy scouts came up after you. We stopped just in the treet above where we all stopped. on Richard
  2. A sad day in the Holy Land.

    I read that the Palestinians want every building that was illegally built, torn down any way, so i look at it as they, the Jewish settlers, are just doing them a favor. on
  3. A sad day in the Holy Land.

    My thoughts go out to anyone with family affected by the Gaza/West Bank settlment evictions. It is a sad but strong day for Isreal. It just goes to show who is actually for peace. on R
  4. Climbing

    Woops........... I thinks we had some mis-communication. The trip was for Fri, Sat, Sun! Sorry about that man. I was a little concerned when I didn't hear from you on Wed or Thurs. I was only up there Fri-Sat. I only have Sunday avail this weekend, my son turns 5 on Sat. I will contact you later during the week to see if you have found any one yet. Sorry again and on Richard
  5. climbing today

    Cool, IIB is in. on Richard
  6. climbing today

    Dude, I gotta work today I still have that permit for the enchantments for next fri-sat-sun. I noticed I got fucked though The pass is for both nights in the Snow area. I was thinking 1st night @ Snow then . If your not interested I will be at the Ranger Station Fri Morning with two (2) yup count 'em two spots on my permit open. Any body can email me if interested. p.s. I will be going out Colchuck TH on Richard
  7. Enchantments Permits???

    Shit, I mailed my request on the first day possible without them tossin' it and I still only got July 8,9,10 in the snow lake zone. Didn't even get a single night in enchantment zone. Still got room on the permit though! One maybe two more people. on Richard
  8. Climbing on Sunday, June 5th

    Sorry for the delayed reply. We will be at the trailhead for colchuck at 10:30 to 11:00 to night saturday. We will be going up dragontail via colchuck col. Do ticks attack in parking lots? on Richard
  9. Rainier June 14-17??

    You need to hook up with ondra. He lost his partner for Liberty Ridge on that same time of the month. I climbed with him on Baker. Dude is strong. on Richard
  10. Climbing on Sunday, June 5th

    So.....I need a partner for Sunday. Nothing real technical in mind. If you want to get out and need another human to talk to let me know. I'm up for early start, Cascade Pass area, Monte Cristo, I-90 (although it will be crowded). I have a few things in mind, maybe some of those climbs that Klenke did during March. Or if you got any good ideas lets get out. on!! Richard
  11. I have no idea how to get my pics from the gallery to my post, so I will just let you all know there are a few pics of our trip last weekend there.
  12. Climb: Mt. Baker "Blown Off Baker"-CD route attempt Date of Climb: 5/21/2005 Trip Report: IceIceBaby, Ondra picked me up at 7a.m. in Everett and we were hiking by 10a.m. No real snow untill last creek crossing below 6000'. A group comming down said they had no snow untill the glacier going up on Friday. Ondra was a mule, makeing great time and always waiting for my self and IceIceBaby. Made it to the base of the buttes by 4p.m. then the wind picked up real bad. There was already 12 or so at the buttes so we picked a drift further East towards Colfax. IIB got out of the tent just a few times to guy the tent in the early a.m. I got out once twice in 12 hours. Now thats what I call a wilderness experience. Woke up at 5:30 to the tent under 18 inches of freshiez. Ondra spent the night in a BIVY!! A STUD!! The big party of 12 must have left in the night. IceIceBaby said he heard them in the dark, yelling. There were no boot tracks at 5:30. Saw 2 on skis going up in the morning just at the toe of the glacier. Thanks for driving Neri! We will climb again soon. Gear Notes: Usual glacier gear. Used it all.....to keep the tent down.
  13. My partner bagger out for this weekend. We were going to do C-D or the Railroad grade. I would still like to get up there this weekend. If you need a second or would like a third or a fourth person, I am your man. Weather looks a little better for the weekend. Let me know and I'm already packed.
  14. Saturday

    Hey, My partner just bagged out on Baker for this weekend. What kind easy 5th class did you have in mind? Monte Cristo area, Cascade Pass, I-90.
  15. Sierra Design - Tiros AST

    $251.93 @ REIoutlet.com, NEW USD