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  1. Poo Thread

    That's true, but I have to say that the discomfort associated with the type 1 outweighs the cleanliness factor, IMO. It's a lot harder to pick the condoms full of coke out of the type 1, too.
  2. Poo Thread

  3. Poo Thread

    What a crappy thread.
  4. Northwest Forest Pass violation

    You're an example to us all.
  5. George Carlin 1937-2008

    George Carlin was still alive?
  6. Northwest Forest Pass violation

    I had a permit, forgot to hang it, got a ticket, didn't pay it, got a nasty letter. I called the number in the letter, talked to the clerk at the courthouse. I faxed him a copy of my permit, front and back, with a copy of my ticket. I was nice to him, he was nice to me. Case dismissed.
  7. Coleman Glacier

    Anyone been up the Coleman Glacier route on Baker lately? Any beta on the roads and trail?
  8. Good Seattle Store for trail runners

    The treadmill was there a couple of years ago. They put you on it barefoot, have you run on it and video you from the front and side, then view it at different speeds and pick out a few pairs of shoes for you to try out based on your stride and pronation, etc.
  9. What are you doing this weekend?

    Don't forget yer goggles. I beg your pardon, those are doggles, not goggles.
  10. What are you doing this weekend?

    Running Sat morning, then buying cleats for my bike, then spending Sat afternoon riding my bike with my new cleats. Might do some hiking or scrambling on Sunday. Then go for a bike ride when I get home.
  11. Training while sick.

    I am a marathoner, and I pretty much do the same thing, but I give it a couple of days to clear a bit first. Three or four days off training will not do too much damage to a marathon schedule. Getting pneumonia will.
  12. Unsolicited Advice - Nalgene Bottle on Harness

    Is this not the most uptight post evar?
  13. Good first trip of the year up to Muir?

    Yes. I suggest a compass. Every time I go to Muir I keep one in my pack.
  14. n00b Alert 4/19 & 20 - 11Worth

    It's this same old boring claptrap that makes me realize why I've been away from this forum for the last few months. I got bored, left, came back, and NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Same old shit, year after year... Even the pics.
  15. Crazy Washingtonians

    I just love that headline! "ANGRY MAN BLOWS HIMSELF UP..."
  16. road cycling

    Exactly. That's what I always stuck to while running. I bought that bike, and did no less than 20-30 miles each ride the first couple of weeks just tooling around town. I'd go for a 10-15 mile ride, and take a 10-15 mile side-trip on the way home. I just liked riding it, and couldn't get myself off of it. Didn't stop to consider the potential consequences....
  17. road cycling

    ALSO: Don't get me wrong - I'm waiting to get over this so I can get out and ride (and run) some more! I just have to ease into it, like I did running, and THEN start doing 40, 50, and 100 mile, multi-day trips. Someone asked about forums like this - I'll second bikeforums.net . As for expenes, yeah just like climbing, it's a black hole for money. And it's not just the bike itself. All the things you 'need' to go with it if you keep riding more and more... Shorts, pump, helmet, lights, rack, panniers, lock, gloves, fenders, the list is potentially endless. I find I like doing my own work on my bike instead of taking it to a shop, so that saves some $$$, and it's a lot more satisfying. I just take it in when they have some expensive specialized tool that I don't have. Have fun!
  18. road cycling

    I've been a distance runner for a few years. I bought a bike and jumped on and started riding 20, 30, 40 miles at a time no problem. Then I developed tendinitis in my lower shin - from riding. I had all of the cardio and the muscles, but the connective tissues for the pedal turning motion didn't like it. I started out too hard. I'm now side-lined, and can't do either! I'm screwed out of doing the North Olympic marathon in June, but will probably be healed enough to to the half. I'm always cautious about run training, didn't think about biking the same way - just rode like hell. As a result I could barely walk 200 feet without going into agony. Stupid mistake on my part. Couple more weeks and I'll start the marathon training again, and start riding the bike to work again. I'll just ease into BOTH istead of ramping up all at once. Live and learn.
  19. Subaru body shop???

    I just about tore the rear bumper off my Outback taking a corner around a building too close. Pissed me off. :anger: :anger: :anger: Anyone know a good body shop, preferably in the North end of Seattle? I live near Phinney Ridge, sort of between Northgate/Ballard... Thanks! :kisss:
  20. Serratus RIP

    Heh. I have 2 Serratus Genies - one of them still has the tags on it, never been used. Eat yer hearts out.
  21. My son likes snow boarding better than skiing!

    I'm older than YOU and I snowboard. Does your telephone have a dial? Do you use goldine? Are your skis made of wood?
  22. My son likes snow boarding better than skiing!

    You still ski? How the fuck old are you?
  23. Anyone looking for a job?

    "Jackass" was taken.
  24. Anyone looking for a job?

    If I wasn't so ugly I'd go for it!
  25. Putty Nuts

    "Do you have Putty Nutz?"