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  1. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    "I know you are on a mountain, but what city are you in...etc,etc..." Glad you're ok! Just curious, what city is Glacier Peak in?
  2. Lance Armstrong

    Ahh what a life. This lucky bastard actually makes money by publishing trolls! This one's a little too obvious. He even says that golfers should be considered athletes.
  3. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    They send the special glacier horses up there and bring them back like a Clint Eastwood movie. How the hell do they get "stuck"? You bring wands, you use em, you follow em back. WTF!
  4. Rainy epics this weekend?

    Yeah, what a bullshit weather forecast for the weekend! It was supposed to mostly sunny with only minor morning clouds. What a load of crap. Spent 2 days in tent waiting for a crack in the sky to get up Baker. When the weather briefly broke got blasted by big winds up near the col. Oh well, they can't all be success stories I guess.

    I just like seeing the words "FUCK YOU KEN SCHRAM!!!" at the top of the page.
  6. Tele or Randonee???

    Ok, so I'm really geeking out by even thinking about this shit on a 90 degree day in July but I am interested in trying backcountry skiing this upcoming season. I'm currently a snowboarder but I think they are pretty difficult to work into a mountaineering setting, and the split boards look pretty dodgy to me. The deadline for the cheapest snoqualmie pass seasons pass is the end of this month. (Heads up if you care!) I think it would be a great place to learn to ski for a season. What would people recommend for a set-up? Tele, or Randonee? I want to eventually be able to use this stuff for mountaineering activities. The differences between the two are kind of confusing. Any recommendations?
  7. Tele or Randonee???

    Is there a difference in the type of ski you should look for? As far as boots go, I climb with Scarpa Invernos. Does anyone ski using these boots? Are the advantages to buying a real 'Randonee' boot worth it? I imagine it would be better. From what I understand with the Randonee set-up you can either make normal alpine style turns, or you can free the heel and make tele turns if you ever get good enough to actually do it. Thanks for the info!
  8. How many "climbers" in WA?

    How about mailing used blue bags with your NW Forest Pass citations! Tax this! [ 07-18-2002, 04:21 PM: Message edited by: payaso ]
  9. he's back at it

    Go Lance!!!!!!! Show those pussies how its done!!!!!!!

    quote: Originally posted by Figger Eight: Bikers have the advantage of having both the same rights as a motor vehicle (space on the road), and also a pedestrian (right of way in crosswalks). Actually I took note of something a few years ago to the contrary. A bicyclist was trying to sue a motorist who clipped him while he was riding across a crosswalk. If the bicyclist had been walking their bike, they would have been considered a pedestrian. Since he was riding his bike, he was a moving vehicle and thus lost the case. Once in Bellingham, a bored cop pulled me over for riding my bicycle through a stop light. I must have looked slightly amused so he decided to give me a breathalizer test. I really started busting up and laughing my head off. The more I laughed, the more loaded he thought I was. I was stone cold sober. When the test came up with nada, the look on his face was priceless! He went off grumbling about being to busy to give me a ticket. I was actually a little disappointed, I would have framed the thing!
  11. Best Online sites for cheap gear?

    I have had great ordering experiences with northernmountain.com, and gearexpress.com. They have even had deals with cheap, or free shipping.
  12. Sorry dude!

    NEWS FLASH! UNEXPLAINABLE JUMP IN WORKER PRODUCTIVITY AROUND THE PUGET SOUND AREA EARLY TUESDAY MORNING! I was able to wile away the time clearing my desk and managing my fantasy baseball team.
  13. Article on Barrabes

    Out of curiosity I just wasted a half hour of work time cruising around on barrabes' site. While they did have the BD ice tool, and rock shoes for cheaper, the BD and WC Tech Friends were about the same price as they go for here. It seems like only some of the prices are really good, while others are only normal. BD may be trying to break into the Euro market by selling gear at cost with the axes. Why aren't the cams cheaper? I'm not shopping for anything right now but when I need to I'll probably use this site. You would really need to know the EXACT size of any footwear you buy because it would REALLY suck to have to send something back to Europe.
  14. Northwest Forest Pass LOOPHOLE!!!!

    If you provide the government with a source of money, they will spend it.
  15. Mine Sweeper

    I used to play Mine Sweeper but then I discovered this enlightening website.
  16. trailheads requiring passes

    Relax everyone, the Mt Si trailhead isn't on there so what's all the fuss about?
  17. Doug Geeting Aviation Screws Climbers

    Jobe, next time walk. Those guys have enough on their hands without dealing with whiners like you. Step back and look at the BIGGER picture and just be really thankful that you can fly in there at all! It's a privilege to be able to have them scoop you up so you can relax with a cold one back in Talkeetna. Why shouldn't he take tourists on flights? He has a great point. Just accept it.
  18. Mt. Shuksan/Suffer Mountain

    If you got back to your RV and your wife had up and left ya, and yer dog up an died you'd have a hell of a country-western song.
  19. Mt. Stuart, West Ridge

    Nice job Joe! Sounds like an epic!
  20. Got blisters?

    Yeah, the duct tape works better than any athletic, or medical tape because it stays on your foot for a few days. When I'm breaking in the boots, I'll tape up the feet in the usual places BEFORE the climb and have never gotten a blister when I've done that. The Invernos are unusual in that they are chafing my shins. I'll be taping my shins quite well next time I wear them. Otherwise they are way more comfortable than I ever thought plastics would be.
  21. Got blisters?

    Jedi, I just got a pair of Inverno's and I really love them but the shin bash thing is a bit too much. I don't get any blisters in the usual places. If I could find a solution for the shin bash, they would be perfect. If I keep wrapping my leg in duct tape I might as well just shave my legs. What was the solution you were describing in detail?
  22. Denali - Climbing Report

    quote: Originally posted by mr.radon: Only a couple of items we brought that were never needed. Which ones? The headlamps possibly?
  23. Ahhhhh, to be a student again. That's pretty funny stuff. Have you bolted any of it yet?
  24. Big Party on Unicorn Peak

  25. Mt. Adams South Side Road

    Any info on the road from this weekend? Has it been opened up farther?