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  1. Anyone been up there lately, or has anyone seen how snowy Goat Pass and the starting notch/bivy might be? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone been on the North Ridge of Mt. Stuart or in the area very recently? Looking to hear of conditions in the area. How much snow, snow on the route, etc. etc. Any and all detailed info would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!! Whooohooo!
  4. Anyone have any tips, tricks and techniques for keeping blisters at bay? Tried ducttape, mole skin, thick double socks. Liner socks are a joke - not wasting my money there.
  5. Anyone been up all or part way this season? And how's the road's condition? Thanks!
  6. I don't have any stickers on my subaru and it is pretty dented and dirty. It's definately not loaded and there were newer better looking cars in the lot than mine. Unfortunately I don't have a dog yet. I have an idea, what if I put a one of those gag plastic shits on the seat or a plastic pile of vomit. That might stop someone from breaking in. Especially if it had been a hot smoldering day. Yummy!! I am not too sure if they were actually climbers because they didn't take my brand new pair of Mythos shoes and there was a six pack of microbrews back there, too.
  7. Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the sympathy. I go climbing at Smith a lot and have never had a problem. For the record, our gear was covered, so no one could see that the packs were TNF packs, or even if there was any gear in there period. They took a chance breaking in and made out like bandits. I have renter's insurance, so we are covered. BUT IT STILL SUCKS THAT THERE ARE ASSHOLES OUT THERE. I know, I know. . .tough lesson learned.
  8. The really cool thing is that the ranger there, David Slaght, really wants these guys. I think he is REALLY going to do something about this. Meanwhile, I am going to drown my gear sorrows in a tasty pint of Black Butte Porter
  9. Late Friday night or early Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I had ALL our gear stolen out of my 1998 Silver Subaru Wagon in the Bivouac parking lot at Smith Rock State Park. They took a TNF Gompa pack and a TNF Prophet pack full of climbing pro (nuts, hexes, tricams, cams biners, quickdraws, slings), including harnesses, helmets, etc. Also, stolen was a large TNF basecamp duffel full of gear and tech clothing. Plus a brand new tripod. They most likely slim-jimmed the door to get in as there was no damage to the vehicle. The rough estimate as to the value of all our gear is around $5,000. All our gear was marked with either red and yellow tape, or white/blue/green tape. So, if you are going climbing there and someone tries to sell used gear to you, please, don't buy it and notify the sherrif or the ranger immediately. If you have any information or think you may have seen something, please contact me immediately: rockrat16@hotmail.com If you are going to be climbing there anytime soon, don't leave anything valueable in your car, take it with you to your tent if you are staying overnight. If we can all do our part not to give them anything to steal, maybe they will stop stealing (this happened last year to many Subarus - they stole around $14,000 worth of gear total). This theft has really hurt us. This is many years worth of gear that we worked very hard to buy. I don't want it to happen to anyone else. Real climbers wouldn't steal from each other. LET'S STOP THESE A**HOLES!!!!
  10. Hey! I am member number 696!!! Is it a sign of my fate?? What do you think it means????
  11. Okay, I am replying. No more lurking tonight. I will make nothing but smartass comments all night long!! P.S. Capt. Caveman - I loved your old signature, "I'm fat and still get up shit." Why change perfection????!!!!!!!
  12. my boyfriend, jrwclimbs, is the guy with the long hair and facial hair. I was his partner. Our friends were the ones with the new yellow rope. Dru said he didn't get to climb Prusik - sounds like he didn't make it past Nada Lake.
  13. Cpt.C., JRW and I were with another couple on the W. Ridge on Saturday. It was fun! Now I know why it is called the Enchantments. I didn't want to leave and we made friends with a family of goats who hung out at camp with us all Sunday morning. Prusik is awesome!
  14. To get info on route closures, go to: smithrock.com - it gives you all the skinny on what is happening in the area.
  15. Dru, Interesting haikus. Let's see some more!
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