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  1. We climbed Jefferson to ski during the first week of June. We took the SW Ridge. You can drive to the Pamelia Lk. TH now, and you DO need a permit to access from that TH. This is mainly due to the heavy use the trail gets from day hikers. There are no climbing permits. The Milk Creek gully, which we paralleled on the accent, had not been filled in with slide debris, which you would typically expect, and some people use the gully for direct (sometimes risky) access. Maybe the upper faces are still set to avy?? We could skin from the TH to Pamelia Lk., then had to hike from Pamelia Lk. to the PCT, at which point we could put the skins on again.
  2. Is there still a rockslide at .5k ? Or has it been cleared?
  3. Any reports this week? Can you ski back on the Whistler side to the village still? (we would probably aim for the runs not the trail). Thanks!
  4. We had a great ski on Tuesday. See attachment. Bergshrund stil passable on snowbridge...
  5. It's all clear and melting very fast. My buddy drove it the day it opened in a low 2-wheel drive. We drove it again last weekend. 1 meter of snow at pass. Good, smooth skiing snow above the Sephamore Lks. elevation.
  6. Any info would be appreciated. Is this time of year busy out there?? Last week of Blackcomb lifts puts us trying in the approaching sunny weather....
  7. Guidebooks and websites can put a damper on a gem. I think I saw it documented first on www.mtphil.com as Enigma Gullly?
  8. Baker is closed until Fri. (they hope) I doubt they will be able to re-open....
  9. Found tickets for $565 from Bellingham!!!! Expedia.com
  10. I'm curious where you got the cheap tickets, as I am preparing to travel to CH in Feb.??? Hope there is snow for you during Christmas.
  11. 180 cm. K2 Work Stinx (yellow), great condition, with G3 risers and SuperLoops (large or medium cables) $250.00
  12. Nice report and pics. My wife and I summited Middle Sas the first week of June, and from the saddle up, (the north ridge),it was really firm and wind blown, while the Hayden and Prouty Point were perfect corn. I think it would be one or the other as far as that goes, but decending the South face of North sister, and onto the Hayden could be perfect all the way down.....If anyone cares. Beautious sun ra-ise Timmy. Here is a sun set from Pilot Butte one night.(attachment)Oh, it's too big file size.
  13. A 70cm. charlet moser sherpa painted black? Original color was turquoise...Hope so, by brother lost it back in April.
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