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  1. Privatization!

    windbag??? I haven't posted here in months
  2. who's who: the cc.com Fortune 25

    I've felt iain's posts came from the heart.
  3. who's who: the cc.com Fortune 25

    what a bunch of amateurs
  4. Saint Drul

    there we go, finally.
  5. will Muffy change her screen name?

    what is this retro night?
  6. Battle of the Sexes

    looks like the woman missed one store in the above diagram. Would that be Cabela's?
  7. Hide Avatars??

    I'm disappointed to see you talking about knocking someone's teeth out again.
  8. Pickets

    short shoulder-length webbing over one shoulder w/ picket clipped to webbing dangling. loud and obnoxious. I try to predict if there is traversing involved to keep the pickets to the outside.
  9. Terminal Gravity

    Here's a link to the award
  10. You guys suck

    quote: Originally posted by iain: Some boards control spray with a user rating, where other readers rank a person's posts as informative or offtopic. iain that's a really great point, but the problem is that so many people have avatars and stuff like that. how would you deal with those morons?

    quote: Originally posted by Dr Flash Amazing: Sport climbing is for fairies Sheesh no kidding.

    Dan Larson sucks
  13. Indian Summer

    from personal experience growing up with cats, they don't understand the concept of a leash. Better to get one on those cat straightjackets the vets have to give shots. Just a tube with a bawling cat head sticking out the top! pretty funny. Maybe w/ a biner on the back you could clip it to your gear loops during day and let it out at bivies for snaffle protection?
  14. Dennis H.

    Sorry, couldn't get into the chatroom to respond to your invite.
  15. Calling all Oregon Climbers

    90% of Oregonians think Pendleton is a nice wool blanket and eastern oregon ends at Gov't Camp. Right T.G.?
  16. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    ...and no sign of Scot't't'agonia anywhere.
  17. How much gas for Denali?

    we're all sick of your st. helens photos cave boy.
  18. this is kick ass

    perhaps some day....
  19. PULLED??????

    this is a charming conversation.
  20. Hood: Sandy Glacier Headwall

    All is fair on the s. side. The snowcat is a good idea if you can split it with some folks.
  21. Aiding on Rainier...

    ...and a fast way off the mountain is to hop into one of the turd barrels when they are choppering them out the high camps.
  22. Reid headwall

    Where you in that Mtn Hardware tent at the saddle? Sorry if we woke you when we came by to pick up our skis. The wind was indeed brutal Sat.
  23. Hood North Face

    Oh I was only joking, since people have complained about all the Leuthold's C. and South Side climb reports on this board. After reading your report a second time, I saw you mentioned Cathedral as your descent. Sorry to make you repeat yourself. Congrats on your climb, hope to get out there myself soon. Climbing sandy hw on Fri/Sat if conditions and wx are decent. Mazamas have an Eliot hw trip scheduled. That could be interesting. -Iain
  24. I just wanted to have the first post on what will sure to be a multi-page expedition into the kingdom of spraydom. That is all.
  25. Dreaming of Denali; A Ski Descent of Mt. McKinley

    I'll be sure to drive to the event in this: