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  1. Greetings from Kathmandu

    Wow, thanks for the news. I always thought one had to have a porter or guide. To hear you can trek alone... hmm, the brain starts thinking... Hope the weather is good to you, enjoy!
  2. [TR] L-Worth- Saber 4/4/2004

    Only fitting you got to use der munter hitch, climbing with the deutschlander. Saber is so funny in the stories it produces. Nice TR, dorkus
  3. slot canyons rock

    Frickin cool stuff! Never done any of it, but it looks fun. So I checked out Heaps Canyon (among others) and was wondering the setup for that last 300' rappel? Anyone know? One report said they had two 50m ropes for the regular raps and then one 8mm 300ft rope for the last. They rapped on the 8mm, with the two others tied together to pull the setup down. So I was thinking you could put a figure eight bite on the end of the rap rope, put the other end through the rap rings then through this loop. I guess you could clip a biner to the loop for the pull rope or leave the bite end long to tie together with one of the 50s. I tried to do a paintbrush sketch to help illustrate, but in the end wound up confusing even myself. The other way would be to tie all three ropes together, rap down to the knot halfway (on the two 50s), and then pass it. But these are only thoughts on how it might be done. Three hundred feet is one helluva rap. Anybody ever faced anything similar and what was your setup? On a side note, if you could keep your rig dry, this would make a seemingly nice base jump.
  4. Walmart.com

    Has $38 heart rate monitor wristwatches, $60 altimeter watches, and $157 3.2mp digital camera (brand-spanking new).
  5. Who's Mad Enough?

    Why bother with the "secret location"? Any fool could take a million pictures of routes I'd look at and say, "Shee-it, no way in hell would I try that." I'd think readers would get more satisfaction from this post being able to analyze the peak than take a monkey's guess as to where it might be.
  6. Yeah, good job guys. Both on this and Buckner.
  7. Snoqualmie-to-Stampede Patrol Race route

    Ditto what the doc said. Geez Lowell, you're such a well known person around here, I bet you could resurrect that race for at least a year if you wanted to. Maybe besides looking for a partner(s), you could make it into some sort of challenge/race next winter since folks respond well to that kind of thing. I'm a total dork at cross country skiing, but if I was in a group of three dorks, I'd give that race a try for shits and giggles. Maybe even the mounties would be interested too.
  8. Altitude drugs

    One more web link for this topic: Prescription drugs and their application for high altitude mountaineering
  9. Rainier Climbing Permits...?

    Yeah, then they'd have thirteen days to do other climbs
  10. There's something missing in that photo, Dave. Nice pic.
  11. Should Simon Have Cut the Rope?

    Those two were up shit creek without a paddle. So, yes, Simon made the right choice and Simpson miraculously survived. That's a nifty idea for the munter hitch and the edk, assuming it works
  12. Picked up a copy at Pro Mountain Sports today, along with a 13cm Charlie Hoser screw (on clearance at $30). Of the book, hilarious and awesome. Good job for the two authors that put it all together and to all those that had the spirit and fortitude to find these areas. Even a few yahoos here are named in the book. I thought the intro and the references were awesome for the book. It's not just a "here's where to climb" book, but goes in to great detail on various aspects such as weather 101, helicopter 101, and how-to-clean-up-your-shit 101. I only got to browse through the routes a bit and I sure did like that one route on Pyramid Peak, "It ain't over yet, motherfuckers!" Good job guys
  13. New Zealand

    Two deaths for every three years of climbing? How the heck does an office-wank from Spain manage to find this thread on this little website?
  14. Access to Cascade River Road

    There was mention of this in a Buckner TR a week or two ago. Check there.
  15. Lillooet Photos 12/6, 12/7

    Happy birthday, Jon. Nice way to spend a birthday.
  16. Recommendations for Climbing in Austin, TX

    Check out hippy hollow while you're in Austin. Good crack climbing. It's right by Lake Travis so afterwards you can sip a few at the oasis.
  17. train hopping?

    Bring a handheld cb radio, find the local truck stops and offer to lump for a ride. 'Lump' means you unload their trailer at the destination. Hard work for a long haul. Whatever city you wind up in you can usually find a Labor Ready job office where you can "work today and get paid today." Wasn't there some train-hopping dude that was robbing or killing people a few years ago? The hobo train was his getaway car.
  18. Best Nepal trek

    Trek alone??? I always thought you had to have some stupid e$cort. Do they allow foreigners to travel alone there?
  19. Ice Tools FS

    So 2nd Ascent has a pair at $120, this dude's comes with extra picks at $200. A variance of $80, not including picks... just noticed after posting... leashes too! Do two extra picks and the leashes cost $80 and was 2nd Ascent's tools of the same quality/included leashes? If leashes weren't part of the Ascent deal, then hell yeah two extra picks and two leashes are worth $80 and now you're paying exactly as much as 2nd Ascent less taxes. Maybe he'd have more luck posting a picture. Are they still for sale?
  20. Forbidden Peak and Mt. Buckner quasi-TR

    Good job, way to hang in there despite the odds.
  21. Intervention?

    Yo ehmic, got your drift... looks like I'm not the only one that can't take a little teasing E-rock, here's my picture because I wuv you
  22. Looking for your own iceclimbing tower?

    That's a cool little bit of animation they've got on their website, nice beat. I hope this rumored climbxmedia video is just as good. If somebody finds it, post the link, por favor.
  23. Tua Excaliburs 190 cm for sale

    Hey Norm, eBay might be another option than trading at Second Ascent.
  24. Storage needed

    For the car, a safe and free alternative would be to park it in that National Guard armory parking lot near Queen Anne, sorta near Pier 91. There's one car that has been there for over a year that nobody knows nor cares about. They lock up the parking lot at 5pm every night in a lighted lot, so it's relatively secure. Or see if you can enter into a binding contract with someone so they can use the car while you're gone and you still have your car when you get back. Or go to some hicksville town and see about renting a shed to keep your 'boat' in. Otherwise, I'd say sell the furniture and anything else that can't fit in a small storage space you'll get charged up the yin-yang for, here in Seattle. My $.98
  25. Here come the science geeks.....

    So long as dbb gets me a free scientist parking pass, I have no problem with them doing major construction in Leavenworth.