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  1. My wife is planning on starting a southbound solo trip of the PCT on July 15. Any recent beta on snow levels be would help. If you have any photos you could share, even better.
  2. Canadian Guidebook Package

    These books are in "like new' condition, no dog ears or written on pages. "Summits & Icefields" by Chic Scott, 1994. "Alpine Select, Climbs in Southwest British columbia & Northern Washington" by Kevin McLane, 2001. "The Climbers Guide to Squamish" by Kevin McLane, 1999. "A guide to Climbing & Hiking in Southwestern BC" by Bruce Fairley, 1995. "Exploring the Coast Mountains On Skis" by John Baldwin, 1994. $55.00 takes the complete set! Plus $10.70 for shipping. That's 1/2 of what you would pay for new ones if you could find them. Nice Christmas gift! Have a look at the books on my Photo Posts.
  3. Aid Gear for Sale, New and Used

    Metolius El Cap haul bag (used) TNF A5 belay seat (new) 2 pairs, 5 step etriers (hand tied) Misty Mountain Big Wall gear sling (used) BD Ascenders, pair (used) Funkness device (used) Pitons; 3, Omni #5 angles (new) 2, BD #1 angles (new) 1, BD #3 angle (new) 1, BD #4 angle (new) 2, BD #6 Bugaboos (new) 3, Camp #2 KB's (used) 1, Camp #5 LA (new) 1, Camp #6 LA (new) 1, Camp #7 LA (new) 1, Camp Long Dong LA (new) 6, Army Surplus LA's (new) 7, Assorted titanium pitons (new) 2 WiredBliss daisy chains (used) 2 Metotius easy daisy (used) 2 Metolius Pocket aiders (new) BD Cliff Hanger hook (new) BD Grapling hook (new) Leeper Camming hooks; (lightly used) #2 narrow #3 wide #4 extra wide 2 Cassin fifi hooks (used) 2 Pika Ardvark fifi hooks (new) Purchased today this package would cost you about $1200 plus tax. Asking $600 for the whole enchilada. If that does not work out, I'll start parting out pieces at 1/2 their purchase price. Let me know if you would like a photo and I'll send you one.
  4. Anyone for Denali next year or this year

    Dude, I like your style even if you live in Seattle. I may be an overweight middle aged guy but like what does that matter. Count me in. HUZZAH!
  5. Ice, Rock and AT Ski gear for Sale

    I'm confused! Make that the ski crampons for the 500.
  6. Ice, Rock and AT Ski gear for Sale

    I would like to buy the 404 ski crampons.
  7. Does Anyone Have Raynaud's Phenomenon.

    Your ex? Did Summer dump you Alex? Bwahahahahahahahahahah!
  8. Road Trip

    Ten great days in J-tree with the GF, one day back to work and i get fired! Sounds like a really good excuse for more climbing. Smith Rocks, City of Rocks or Red Rocks... Meet me there ?
  9. Mountaineers vs. WAC Basic Climbing Course

    Skip the WAC class. The're an elitest bunch of possers. After the class is over you would be hard pressed to find anyone of them you would enjoy climbing with let alone one that actually climbs. The Boeing Alpine Club has a fine group of members. The're a very active bunch year round and have other great classes to offer. Network with them and you'll go way beyond baic climbing.
  10. 88, 4 WD Subaru GL Wagon

  11. 88, 4 WD Subaru GL Wagon

    This car has a couple of small problems but has been very reliable for me on road trips and around town for work. Asking $500 Sorry no digital pics.
  12. Thule Rack

    Reduced to $100.
  13. looking for Car/Truck

    check your pms
  14. looking for Car/Truck

    I've got a 88 Subaru GL Wagon that is very reliable. You could give me $700 for it. It's got a few little problems with it but doing pretty good for 16 years.
  15. Thule Rack

    2, 50" bars 4, gutter mount towers with locking cylinders (1 key) 0ne set of the angled ski carrier for 3 pairs I'm asking $125.00 for the whole deal. It goes for around $250 to $300 new.